Wiiisdom for Tableau - 2024.2

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👋 Greetings from the Tableau Conference 2024 in San Diego!

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Title: Empowering Governance: Your ultimate BI testing checklist

Description: Get access to practical resources to enhance your governance strategy, to build trust and to scale analytics. Discover your ultimate BI testing checklist!

Thank you for your continued support and here's to another great year of innovation and growth together!

Full Documentation: https://support.wiiisdom.com/documentation
Download Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/downloads

Of course, do get in touch if you need help with updating.

Contact us via your Customer Centre and Support Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/

New Features

Wiiisdom no longer requires Web Drivers 🤯

The product now works without relying on Web Drivers as dependencies to interact with your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge so you don’t have to deal with these regular browser updates.

That's even better for environment without internet access.

In short. You will never see this popup ever again! And your tests will probably initialize and run a bit faster too!

Updates to Test Reports

Include Extra URL Parameters used to open Views

Extra Tableau URL Parameters can be used when Views are opened in the application. This information is now documented in your test reports.

This can be useful as these parameters can impact the execution of a test.

Change Logs

✅ Tableau 2024.1 Compatibility

Resolved Issues

▪ WOFT-1837 (Impact: High)
Summary: Unable to use the application without internet when using License Spring licenses
Description: Activating our licenses offline with no access or limited Internet access prevents the application from creating or running tests.

▪ WOFT-1900 (Impact: Medium)
Summary: Modal for disabled License Spring license does not appear
Description: The application doesn’t display the correct error message when a license is not valid.

▪ WOFT-1877 (Impact: Medium)
Summary: Unable to use "Set Filter - Date Range" task
Description: The application doesn’t support Date Range filter types and the error message returned is technical.

▪ WOFT-1857 (Impact: Medium)
Summary: Cannot download Workbook image error trying to take a snapshot
Description: Unable to download images in the snapshot process when the “Ask where to save…” option is enabled in Chromium browsers.