Wiiisdom for Tableau - 2022.3

Release date:

Happy Midsummer 🌞 everyone!

(A special mention to our friends in the Nordic countries who probably did some serious celebrations last weekend!)


As always, in this release you will find new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. See below for more details regarding what’s new, compatibility updates, change logs and resolved issues.


Last but not least! We are also super proud to announce that we have been awarded the highest level of Technology Partnership.

Full Documentation: https://support.wiiisdom.com/documentation
Download Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/downloads


Of course, do get in touch if you need help with updating.

Contact us via your Customer Centre and Support Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/


Take care and happy summer!

New Features

Support Tableau 2022.2+ Connected Apps & Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

What are Connected Apps?

Beginning in early January 2022, Tableau Connected Apps enable a seamless and secure authentication experience by facilitating an explicit trust relationship between your Tableau Online site and custom applications where Tableau content is embedded.


Thanks to this technology, Wiiisdom Ops is now able to login to Tableau Online 2022.2 without the need for a "Login to Tableau" or "Drive Browser" task.


And that also means we now support Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) 🥳!


It's so simple:

1. In Tableau create a Connected App:

2. Create a Personal Access Token (PAT) for your Wiiisdom Ops users(s)

3. Enter these information in the Context of your Wiiisdom Ops


Pre-requisites: Tableau Online 2022+


Reordering Tasks using Drag & Drop

Gone are these painful little up / down arrows to reorder tasks 🙌!

(I hear that Danielle, a superstar user of Wiiisdom Ops in the USA, is organising a private party to celebrate this new feature 😎)

@Danielle: Are we invited 🍾?!


Ability to Update Chromedriver within the Designer

It is now possible to update your Chromedriver from the Designer interface.

You will also be proactively notified when there is a version mismatch with the ability to update.


Ability to Manage License Keys within the Designer

It is now possible to upload your license key from the Designer interface.


Performance Increase when opening Projects

Projects with several large Functional Test and Regression Tests may take a little while to open.

We improved how we save these Tests and opening times will now greatly improve on new Projects.

For existing Projects, once baselines are retaken for Functional Tests and Regression Tests with a single Viz URL the performance will improve also.


  • Support for Tableau 2022.2 (and all versions from 2018.2)
  • Support for Google Chrome 102

Change Logs

We optimised the size of the Wiiisdom Ops package.

Resources needed for Performance Tests will now be downloaded automatically at the first launch of this kind of test only.

The download is made from GitHub and is approximately 350MB. This will take a few minutes based on internet speed, etc.

Resolved Issues

  • WOFT-785 - Cannot save job error for a Select Marks task
  • WOFT-782 - Invalid task configuration error running a Regression Test
  • WOFT-738 - Deleting a snapshot in a Regression Test baseline doesn't update the Tableau Viz URL count
  • WOFT-737 - Unable to take a snapshot of run a test for a Tableau Online preview context
  • WOFT-729 - Window Size not applied during the execution of a Drive Browser task
  • WOFT-647 - Activation codes used by deleted licenses can be used again
  • WOFT-635 - Assert SQL Equals Test connection button doesn't work when one context variable is used
  • WOFT-457 - chromedriver executable still used after an incompatibility issue
  • WOFT-288 - Unable to activate a code, generate a trial license or run a test when there's a special character in the home directory