Wiiisdom for Tableau - 2021.4.1

Release date:

Change Logs

Contains updates to Log4J 2.16 to mitigate against CVE-2021-44228. We recommend that all our customers install this new release.

Important Note: While updating to mitigate against CVE-2021-44228 we had to update a Tableau library to its latest version which is only supported by JAVA 11.

Customers using JAVA 8 will be required to either:

  • Update to JAVA 11
  • Use Wiiisdom Ops for Tableau 2021.4.2 released on December 17th 2021. Please read the Release Notes as you will continue to be affected if you use the Functional Task “Refresh Data Extracts”.

Customers already with JAVA 11 are not impacted and should continue to use this release.

Do not hesitate contacting the support team if you have questions or need any help: https://support.wiiisdom.com/