Wiiisdom for Tableau - 2023.1.1

Release date:

Hi there 👋! You are not seeing double, this Release Notes is indeed only 11 days after 2023.1 😲


It turns out we were able to complete this enhancement very quickly and we wanted to let you benefit from it ASAP.


So here it is. Hope you enjoy 🥳

New Features

Image Comparison Library Update

This one will enhance the following tests:

  • Regression Testing
  • Cross Environment Regression Testing
  • Assert Image Equals

These are long overdue enhancements when there is an image regression.

In short, how to give you a better graphical representation and precision of the results while making it easier to use and boost performance.

Not an easy task. But... drum roll please 🥁 We did it!


1️⃣ It's now so easy to use. No more guessing the square sizes and threshold. You now have only 2 modes: Fine and Strict.

The default is Fine.





Fine: It will detect what the human eye (with a lot of boring effort) could do.

Strict: If you want to detect differences at the individual pixel level. E.g.: font change.


2️⃣ The choice of comparison mode has no impact on performance! To give you an idea, a Cross Environment Regression Test ran in 2023.1 with the finest setting of 10sq and 1% on 47 Viz is now 30% faster with this release.


3️⃣ Let's just say that it's how it looked before. There is no doubt we were showing you where there is a problem. But at 10sq, it's just impossible to read what's behind these boxes.


This is how it looks like now:


✅ Ease of use.

✅ No more false positive.

✅ Fast!

✅ Results are more visually pleasing and simpler to consume.


🤫 For those of you using our SAP BusinessObjects solution or testing the private preview of the upcoming Wiiisdom Ops for Power BI, you will find the same library in these products in the next few weeks also.

Change Logs

Your existing tests will be upgraded from their existing square sizes and threshold to the new "Fine" mode (see above).


The Functional Task "Load Data Task" is now deprecated and will no longer be in the product from 2023.3.

If this is of any concerns, please do get in touch with our Customer Success by raising a support ticket.

Resolved Issues

WOFT-1152 - Null values are displayed as empty in regression test reports.

WOFT-1182 - Timeout running an Assert Filter Equals task that expects incorrect formatted values of a Date/Datetime filter on Tableau version < 2022.2

WOFT-1184 - Unable to update the ChromeDriver

WOFT-1186 - Unable to configure an Assert SQL Equals task to truncate to 0 decimals