Wiiisdom for Tableau - 2021.4

Release date:

We are very happy to introduce you to this latest release of Wiiisdom Ops for Tableau (aka Kinesis-CI).

Do get in touch if you need help with updating and please read below for more information regarding what’s new and resolved issues.

Hope you had a fun and spooky Halloween 🎃. Speak after 🎅🎄🤶 for 2022.1!

Take care and stay safe!

PS: Please note that you won’t be able to open projects with a previous release after they are opened with a new version of the application. Always make copies of your projects if you plan on using them with your current version.

New Features

Regression Tests: Improve And Simplify The Retake Of Baselines

Performing a Regression Test is the action comparing the actual status of a Tableau View against a baseline of the same Tableau View taken earlier on the same environment.

As your Tableau Views change over time, it is common to refresh your baselines (snapshots) to be ready for your next test.

Previously this was a time consuming task involving a lot of clicks and reselecting already previously selected objects. This wasn’t optimal to say the least or user friendly.

In this release, we have made a couple of changes which will solve a lot of these problems:

First, the Update selection button now remembers your existing selection. This will greatly reduce the process of adding / removing views from your selection.Second, we have added the new Refresh snapshots button. This one click action will refresh all of your snapshots at once.

Publish To Tableau: Support OAuth Data Sources

Using Wiiisdom Ops you have the ability to Publish your Tableau Workbooks and Data Sources to Tableau Server / Tableau Online.

This is particularly useful when after a long list of functional & regression successful tests you want to automatically publish the objects to the right Tableau Site / Project.

For Tableau Workbooks with an embedded data source and for Tableau Data Sources you already have the ability to update the Credentials for relational database connections.

In this release thanks to popular demand, we have added the support of OAuth database connections such as Google BigQuery and Google Sheets.

Simply make sure the users publishing the content have their credentials saved in Tableau for these data sources.


  • Support Tableau Server & Tableau Online 2021.4
  • Support Google Chrome 95 (chromebrowser update)
Note: If you are using an older version of Google Chrome you will have to downgrade your chromedriver in the Kinesis CLI folder. This is a simple copy/paste process, see the documentation or do not hesitate contacting support if you need assistance.

Google Chrome Cookie Handling Issue with Tableau Server

Google Chrome 94 will no longer allow reverting to pre-Chrome 80 cookie handling behaviour therefore causing issues with the Tableau Javascript API such as using “embedded views”, which Wiiisdom Ops for Tableau relies on.

The only ways to resolve this issue with the Tableau Javascript API and use of “embedded views” is to continue using a pre-Chrome 94 browser or configure Tableau Server to use an SSL certificate and communicate with HTTPS.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we or Tableau can do to change this behaviour of Google Chrome.

This notice is not applicable for users of Tableau Online.

Here are some useful links around this topic: