Wiiisdom for Tableau - 2022.4

Release date:

Happy Almost Halloween 🎃 !


As always, in this release you will find new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. See below for more details regarding what’s new, compatibility updates, change logs and resolved issues.


🙏 Please take special attention to the Change Logs if you are using Tableau Cloud (aka Tableau Online).


🛑 If you are using "Publish to Tableau" and "Refresh Data Extract" tasks this release will affect your tests. See below for more information.


🥳 Quick win. You will no longer have to always expand the site when browsing for content! One click less for mankind. And some ongoing makeover done in the Designer.


⏰ Some of you may have Contexts that are referencing out of support versions of Tableau. Note that from Wiiisdom Ops 2023.1 (~January) we will no longer support Tableau 2018.x. Make sure to update these Contexts ahead of the next release to avoid any issues.


Full Documentation: https://support.wiiisdom.com/documentation
Download Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/downloads


Of course, do get in touch if you need help with updating.

Contact us via your Customer Centre and Support Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/


Happy 🎄 and see you next year 🤪

New Features

Update: Publish to Tableau

Important: Pre-Wiiisdom Ops 2022.4 Projects with existing Publish to Tableau tasks will no longer work with Wiiisdom Ops 2022.4+

We heard, listened and acted on your feedback. The task Publish to Tableau is great but in some cases it is limited and impossible to use. We have resolved this issue.

You may have encountered the situation where you have for instance two Tableau Projects on the same site. And you want to move the "Sales" dashboard from one Project to another. We couldn't manage having documents with the same name on different Projects.

Or. Reports of different names but located in Projects of the same names in different nested Projects. Same issue.

In this release you will find an updated and more powerful interface. Notice the new "Tableau File Path" and "Tableau Destination Project".

Unfortunately, your existing tasks will need some light updates to continue to work.

Pro Tip: Those who like to automate things even further using scripting, have a look how simple the JSON is 🤓!


Update: Refresh Data Extracts

Important: Pre-Wiiisdom Ops 2022.4 Projects with existing Refresh Data Extracts tasks will no longer work with Wiiisdom Ops 2022.4+

The same reasons mentioned above for the Publish to Tableau task, we wanted (had) to make updates to this task also.

In this release you will find an updated and more powerful interface. Notice the new "Tableau File Path".

Unfortunately, your existing tasks will need some light updates to continue to work.


No More Searching for your Viz!

You know it 😡 You have an "Open Viz" task with one or many Viz in it. Next thing you want to do is say an "Assert Filter Equals" and you have to do what... navigate around again to look for that same Viz... So annoying.


When searching for something, we will automatically propose the Viz that were selected in your "Open Viz" task only!


Functional Test: Clicking Buttons!

We have received so many requests to be able to simulate clicking on "buttons". Here are some use cases:

The issue for us is that Tableau doesn't have an API to handle this. So we thought we would offer you the next best thing and use the webdriver of Chrome/Edge which are parts of the "Drive Browser" task.

Using simple commands, you can now interact with buttons in your Viz!

This feature will evolve and simplify over time but in the meantime I'd love to hear your feedback 📧

Note: I'll release YouTube videos shortly to get you going but in the meantime do contact us via the support channel to get assistance if necessary.

Run Test in "Headless" Mode

We actually did this one to support some specific technical needs but it will be welcomed by some users for sure.

When this setting is enabled, you will no longer see the browser opening and doing its thing when taking snapshots and running tests.

It won't make any real difference on the performance but it's a nicer experience sometimes.


Performance Test when using Connected Apps

If your Project is using a Context set with Connected Apps authentication, your Performance Test will continue to work as long as you have defined a User Pool (List of Tableau User to use).

Performance Tests are not able to use the user defined in Connected Apps.


  • Support for Tableau 2022.3 (and all versions from 2018.2)
  • Default Support for Google Chrome 106
  • Default Support for Microsoft Edge 106

Change Logs

In the previous release we added support for Connected Apps.

This will become the mandatory authentication method for Tableau Cloud once Salesforce completes the enforcement to use MFA or an external IdP scheduled for the end of November.

On the plus side, you will no longer need a "Login to Tableau" task (they are actually ignored) which means your tests will run quicker and the same when taking snapshots!

Note: Although Tableau Server will now support Connected Apps, it remains optional and not enforced by Salesforce so Wiiisdom Ops will continue to work as is.

In this release you will see an updated Context interface.

Note: Notice that "Project" is now gone! 🙌 This is only used for specific tasks. We have moved this configuration where it matters. See above for more details.

Resolved Issues

WOFT-965 - Unable to use context variables with special characters

WOFT-956 - Assert Parameter Equals task fails when a boolean parameter is selected on Tableau 2022.2+

WOFT-949 - Regression Test fails on date/datetime filter values when the baseline and active contexts have a different Tableau version

WOFT-948 - Regression Test fails on date/datetime parameter values when the baseline and active contexts have a different Tableau version

WOFT-937 - Task name links are opening new browser tabs in the generated test execution reports

WOFT-886 - Assert Filter Equals task for date filters on Tableau 2022.2 fails with incorrect dates

WOFT-885 - Invalid date format for failed Assert Parameter Equals tasks configured for DateTime parameters on Tableau 2022.2

WOFT-884 - Invalid dates displayed in failed Assert Parameter/Filter Equals tasks on Tableau 2022.1

WOFT-883 - Set Parameter task for a Date Parameter on Tableau 2022.1 in the EDT timezone sets an invalid date

WOFT-881 - DevToolsActivePort file doesn't exist error trying to take a snapshot

WOFT-857 - Copy button in the Schedule modal is transparent and hard to see

WOFT-837 - Header and column mismatch in Regression Test reports when there are at least 13 columns in the summary data

WOFT-783 - Version argument returns the technical version of the CLI

WOFT-622 - Clicking on the Active Context doesn't open the contexts list

WOFT-310 - Snapshot data not refreshed when you select another Viz in a Regression Test baseline

WOFT-69 - Publish to Tableau task fails if the project name in the context doesn't match the case of the Tableau Project