360Suite (inc. 360Eyes) - 2024.2

Release date:

Happy Midspring 🌱 everyone!

This release is a special one. We’ve worked on a way to ease the installation process and allow you to install all services in one place. And we are pleased to present to you our new installer.

See below for more details regarding what’s new, compatibility updates, change logs and resolved issues.

Full Documentation: Documentation - Wiiisdom Customer Center
Download Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/downloads

Of course, do get in touch if you need help with updating.

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New Features : 360Suite Installer

Brand New Installer

The 360Suite installer was becoming outdated and increasingly complex. In some ways, the new setup can be likened to the One Ring:

One setup to rule them all: There's only one version for Windows and one for Linux, eliminating the need to ensure you've downloaded the correct version for 4.2 or 4.3.

One setup to find them: It locates the SAP BusinessObjects installation path and auto-completes it if possible.

One setup to bring them all: It enables you to install (or update) 360Suite, the Probe, and the SLA all at once.

But most importantly, the setup looks better than ever:

The setup will automatically detect the version of your installation and request the necessary DLLs and SAP JCE if required.

Additionally, the installer is capable of upgrading from versions prior to this one. Just ensure that you are updating from a version above 2020.4 to avoid any potential issues.

New Features : 360Suite Solutions


Document Data Providers Displays All Rows

The data providers documentation has been updated to display all rows, making it easier for you to filter through the document.



Update Existing SAP BusinessObjects User Groups

The process for importing User Groups has been enhanced to allow updates to existing User Groups, similar to the capability provided by the Import User process. This improvement facilitates the bulk updating of User Groups with ease.


Previously, when clicking on the button to delete an Indexing Task in 360Plus did not prompt a confirmation message, leading to potential accidental deletions and the need to create a new task. To address this, we have introduced a confirmation message to ensure that any deletion is intentional.

360Eyes For SAP BusinessObjects

Click here to read the Release Notes for 360Eyes 2024.2

Multiple 360Eyes Repository

The integration of 360Eyes into its new environment remains a key focus. We have now enabled the management of multiple 360Eyes repositories, allowing you to appropriately store your snapshots. When setting up a task, you will be prompted to select the repository where the snapshot should be saved. Additionally, you can choose which repository to access from the main page, enabling you to easily retrieve the information you need:

360Eyes For SAP Data Services

Click here to read the Release Notes for 360Eyes 2024.2

360Eyes for SAP Data Services is the latest addition to the 360Suite, enhancing the suite's capabilities by integrating directly with SAP Data Services. This new feature streamlines the process of running jobs directly from the application, offering a more user-friendly experience during both configuration and execution phases.
Key Features Include:

▪ Repository Configuration: Users can now configure the Eyes for SAP Data Services repository and the local repository. Additionally, it's possible to import the BIAR (Business Intelligence Archive Resource) file containing our universe, documents, and connections directly from the Administration Console.

▪ Snapshot Management: The management of generated snapshots is made straightforward, allowing direct access and control from the Administration Console.

▪ User Interface: The job interface is designed for ease of use, displaying the options you've activated clearly. It also allows for direct overrides from the view, making adjustments simple and efficient.

▪ Multiple Repositories: Mirroring the functionality available in 360Eyes, users can configure multiple repositories. This flexibility ensures that snapshots can be stored precisely where needed, accommodating various storage and organizational requirements.

New Features: 360Suite Core

Database Usage

To ensure optimal database management, a new safeguard has been added regarding database usage. Given that 360Suite, 360Eyes, and 360Eyes for Data Services are distinct products, it is advised not to use the same schema for all. The system now includes a warning message to alert users if their schema is already in use by another product, promoting better data organization and preventing potential conflicts.


As always we made sure to improve the performance of the application, now that the application is getting more and more feature, we are making sure they do not impact the general usability of the application.

Text Editor

A few release back, we changed the way to send HTML in mail. We changed it again, but this time, we added two ways to do it, to allow you more control on your messages.

Security Fixes

We fixed the following CVEs :








Resolved Issues

▪ Reset Vers pop-up won't disappear (Impact: High)
ID: P360SUITE-11661
Product: 360Vers
Description: We are unable to reset 360Vers configuration.

▪ Eyes configuration page doesn't work on Tomcat 8.5 with Windows (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360SUITE-11742
Product: 360Eyes
Description: On very old Tomcat like 8.5 and on Windows, the Eyes configuration page could not be opened.

▪ Sidebar menu doesn't fit some screen sizes (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360SUITE-11737
Product: 360WPCore
Description: While using a specific resolution, the left sidebar was not showing every menu, and the Univ Menu was not accessible.

▪ SharepointOnline Destination is not properly written in the Excel Template (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360SUITE-11731
Product: 360Cast
Description: The Excel Template for Destination List was not properly written about SharepointOnline as it should say SharePointOnline.

▪ Password update on login doesn't change password in Eyes CMS (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360SUITE-11730
Product: 360WPCore
Description: Biar import of Eyes are not working properly after a user password change.

▪ Unable to use OAuth with AppRegistration if we have a proxy. (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360SUITE-11707
Product: PremiumFeatures
Description: The OAuth With Registration is not working when using a proxy.

▪ Can not open the Services Status page (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360SUITE-11702
Product: 360WPCore
Description: The Services Status page could not be displayed.

▪ Cannot save cookie for non secured connexion (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360SUITE-11699
Product: 360WPCore
Description: When using HTTP, the save session is not working.

▪ Task password will be updated when logon to AD session (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360SUITE-11694
Product: 360WPCore
Description: When connecting via AD, the task session pool updates, and causes tasks to fail.

▪ Could not export bind comparison differences to xlsx if cell is bigger than 32k characters (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360SUITE-11688
Product: 360Bind
Description: Excel Comparison is failling when the cell contains more than 32000 characters.

▪ Bind Comparison does not work when report contains ? ! or * in their name (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360SUITE-11686
Product: 360Bind
Description: Reports containing ?! or * in their name causes the bind comparison to fail.

▪ Refresh issue when selecting comparison mode (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360SUITE-11683
Product: 360Bind
Description: Regression Testing Comparison task view is not updating properly in some cases.

▪ Unable to use Procedure with SQL in tasks. (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360SUITE-11665
Product: 360WPCore
Description: SQL Procedure which do more than reading data are not working.

▪ Liquibase issue in Eyes Job doesn't add message and don't stop the task (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360SUITE-11651
Product: 360WPCore
Description: In some cases, 360Eyes job runs without updating the database and is unable to run correctly.

▪ The open comparison button does not work (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360SUITE-11637
Product: 360Bind
Description: Unable to open the Regression Testing Comparison when launched from Live Comparison.

▪ Some HTML doesn't work in HTML message (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360SUITE-11617
Product: 360WPCore
Description: HTML in Email is not sent formatted.

▪ Options appear if extraction mode is Off by default. (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360SUITE-11658
Product: 360Eyes
Description: Extraction options are shown even with Security Extraction Mode set to off.

▪ CMS content options don't refresh when select/unselect all (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360SUITE-11656
Product: 360Eyes
Description: CMS content does not refresh the view properly when using Select All / Unselect All.

▪ Broken package comparison view (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360SUITE-11684
Product: 360Vers
Description: The Compare Package view is broken, and we are unable to compare packages.

▪ No category label in Bind Live Comparison (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360SUITE-11632
Product: 360Bind
Description: Regression Testing Live Comparison shows cate.label everywhere instead of showing the name of the category.

▪ Error when duplicating a Destination List that use a file path instead of uploaded file (Impact: Low)
ID: P360SUITE-11721
Product: 360Cast
Description: When duplicating a destination list that uses a custom path for an Excel file instead of a downloaded file, an error is displayed.

▪ Bulk update in BOBJ Matrix do not display advanced rights (Impact: Low)
ID: P360SUITE-11720
Product: 360View
Description: In the BOBJ Matrix, when update is opened from the bulk update process, no rights are displayed in the Advanced tab.

▪ Watcher charts with 12hours system display wrong data (Impact: Low)
ID: P360SUITE-11714
Product: 360Live
Description: Watcher chart display wrong data between AM and PM.

▪ CmsContent in eyes options is not filtered to job (Impact: Low)
ID: P360SUITE-11693
Product: 360Eyes
Description: Options of cms.content are showing for every kind of job (without having any impact).

▪ Context menu can be empty in checked out objects (Impact: Low)
ID: P360SUITE-11692
Product: 360Vers
Description: Context Menu in Checked Out Objects view is showing when there is no object.

▪ No error message if the matrix can not edit the rights (Impact: Low)
ID: P360SUITE-11691
Product: 360View
Description: When modifying rights on the matrix, we do not show any error message.

▪ Don't refresh the login page in case of error (Impact: Low)
ID: P360SUITE-11687
Product: 360WPCore
Description: Login page removes all information when there is an error.

▪ Wrong SQL driver for Eyes avoid to configure or open Eyes task (Impact: Low)
ID: P360SUITE-11654
Product: 360Eyes
Description: Incompatible driver causes a full screen error instead of a simple popup.

▪ CMS Diagnostic doesn't add server name in file result (Impact: Low)
ID: P360SUITE-11739
Product: 360WPCore
Description: When downloading CMS Diagnostic, the {0} is not replaced by the servers names.

▪ cms.session.sampling appears for the wrong parameters (Impact: Low)
ID: P360SUITE-11657
Product: 360Eyes
Description: 360Eyes job is showing some options when it shouldn't.

▪ Database authentification error message doesn't show correctly (Impact: Low)
ID: P360SUITE-11724
Product: 360WPCore
Description: Database error message is not properly formatted.

▪ Save of the 360Suite database doesn't display the already used warning (Impact: Low)
ID: P360SUITE-11711
Product: 360WPCore
Description: There is no popup about the database already used in the admin console, so there's no way to indicate that this is normal.