360Suite Web Platform - 2022.2

Release date:

We are very happy to introduce you to this latest release of 360Suite Web Platform.

As always we are introducing new features and bug fixes but this time it’s extra special. We are launching our first, ever, 360Suite Freemium edition! 🙌 (more information below)

Do get in touch if you need help with updating and please read below for more information regarding what’s new, compatibility updates, change logs and resolved issues.

Full Documentation: https://support.wiiisdom.com/documentation
Download Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/downloads

Contact us via your Customer Centre and Support Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/

We hope you enjoy this release. We are already busy working on 2022.3 in time for the summer 🌞!

Until then, take care and stay safe.

New Features

360Suite Web Platform (Solutions)

360Bind: Default Project Created By Default

When installing 360Bind for the first time, a “Default” project is now created to accelerate the onboarding process.

360Cast: Support Pipe “|” as a CSV delimiter

When exporting using the CSV format, you now have the ability to use a pipe “|” as a separator.

360Cast: Audit Destination List Usage

You can now audit the usage of the Destination Lists by Tasks. In this example you see that the list is used by two different tasks.

360Init: Update Security Model

360Init is a very powerful solution where you can initiate BOBJ projects using a simple Spreadsheet Template. It was released in 2022.1.

In this release we have added the ability to not only initiate your security model. But also maintain is using the same Excel Template!

Powerful stuff 💪

360Vers: Replicating versioning data when using a new repository

This feature has principally been added for customers going through an upgrade to SAP BI 4.3.

In this process you will need to install a new version of 360Suite Web Platform which is adapted for the latest SAP BI 4.3 SDK. This requires that you use a new repository database.

To make sure you are not losing your 360Vers versioning data, you can now replicate it to the new 360Suite repository.

360Suite Web Platform (Core)

Updated Timeout Screen

More user friendly experience.

More Detailed 360Suite Licence Information

We are now displaying with more details the licences that have been added in the product. E.g.:

Support Changing the CMS Name

In the scenario where you CMS name changes (Disaster Scenario for instance where you restore your environment on a new server and the old environment no longer exist), you now have the ability to rename the CMS in 360Suite so you can keep your Tasks, Backups, Versions, etc.

360Suite Freemium

We are super excited to announce our first ever 360Suite Freemium solution!

This release is offering you the ability to do free regression testing for a number of scenarios such as:

  • Installing a service pack
  • Upgrading to SAP BI 4.3
  • Monitoring your content for unexpected changes on an ongoing basis

Some details about this Freemium:

  • Available to all SAP BusinessObjects customers
  • Freemium is supported on versions BI 4.1, BI 4.2 and BI 4.3
  • Test up to 10 Web Intelligence documents every week to detect regressions
  • Reveal complete details of test reports 5 times

Simply register with us to get a 100 days product key.
Note: You do not have to be a 360Suite customer.

After the installation, you will be ready to run, free, regression testing.

Start using immediately:

Resolved Issues

  • P360SUITE-10050: Clear Inboxes does not clear inboxes
  • P360SUITE-10049: NullPointerException error when trying to repoint Webi Universe for individual report
  • P360SUITE-10013: When there is a broken document on left and missing document on right, comparison raises NullPointerException
  • P360SUITE-10010: Notifications are not saved when creating a task
  • P360SUITE-10004: Cannot change prompts of documents of a directory with Crystal & CRFE due to IndexOutOfBounds
  • P360SUITE-9993: Unable to clear inboxes
  • P360SUITE-9988: Customer information form layout is not responsive
  • P360SUITE-9986: Watcher Range not working on Monday
  • P360SUITE-9984: Remove group button appears on user and lead to ClassCastException
  • P360SUITE-9974: Can’t create regression testing export task if we do not have view
  • P360SUITE-9973: Cannot import new users with credentials user and password
  • P360SUITE-9953: PDF image resolution has no default value
  • P360SUITE-9948: Unable to restore personal documents
  • P360SUITE-9943: Wrong link to support in setup
  • P360SUITE-9938: Vers Extension: Error during the computation of the Version number
  • P360SUITE-9937: NullPointerException when the template format is not supported
  • P360SUITE-9936: Separate the Template name from the text
  • P360SUITE-9933: No error message for Destination Kind fields in Export Task Processor
  • P360SUITE-9931: Can’t copy from Public Folder to a Personal Folder
  • P360SUITE-9928: Performance issue with specific kind queries
  • P360SUITE-9927: Cannot access to checked out object view
  • P360SUITE-9924: Updating a Watcher does not work properly
  • P360SUITE-9922: Prompts input are not visible easily
  • P360SUITE-9921: User properties are not updated
  • P360SUITE-9920: In some BOBJ version, impossible to send documents into BIInbox because CeKindEnum cannot be found
  • P360SUITE-9919: If Crystal prompt is not in use but not marked as optional, it prevents Bind and Cast to properly set the parameter
  • P360SUITE-9917: “valueComputed” is not taken into account when “value” is defined
  • P360SUITE-9916: Do not update the focused input in filters
  • P360SUITE-9915: “Add new user” in a group is displaying “Add sub group” instead
  • P360SUITE-9912: “Save” button disappears on error with the backup path configuration
  • P360SUITE-9911: Admin licences users are case sensitive, BOBJ is not
  • P360SUITE-9910: Error message when clicking “Update Password” button at first installation
  • P360SUITE-9909: Use of advanced filters are not tracked anymore
  • P360SUITE-9907: Copy membership from User shows the Copy membership from Usergroup
  • P360SUITE-9904: Can’t restore + duplicate documents or universes
  • P360SUITE-9903: Public Document submenu is not highlighted
  • P360SUITE-9900: When SDK does not initialise the recurring status, recurring instance documentation ends with NullPointerException
  • P360SUITE-9899: Bad Custom Access Level Granular Rights documentation
  • P360SUITE-9898: Can’t export BOBJ promotion task iF vers is not activated
  • P360SUITE-9888: LockAquisitionException on task list due to too greedy task mapping
  • P360SUITE-9869: Link to the console on the console
  • P360SUITE-9854: Unable to add sub group to root server or user group
  • P360SUITE-9823: Can’t add Security lock
  • P360SUITE-9777: Crystal allows to have no Human Readable name on prompts and leads WP to error
  • P360SUITE-9771: “Open” button appears for users in actors selection and lead to error
  • P360SUITE-9758: Error 500 if task does not exist and we run external task
  • P360SUITE-9641: Java Path with spaces causes issue for the probe service
  • P360SUITE-9593: Default java options for Tomcat are appended each time the setup is run
  • P360SUITE-9500: Security Zone Web Action Documentation Failed Under LDAP Auth
  • P360SUITE-9126: CONCAT function in Excel is not supported when importing an Excel template