360Suite (inc. 360Eyes) - 2023.3

Release date:

Happy Summer everyone 🌞😎!

Ohhh this one is special. Years in the making!

See below for more details regarding what’s new, compatibility updates, change logs and resolved issues.

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Of course, do get in touch if you need help with updating.

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New Features

πŸš€ 360Eyes is now available in 360Suite πŸš€

No need to adjust your screen. You read this correctly!

The 360Eyes you have known and used for years is now available in 360Suite. It is not a "v2". It's the same product, same .jar and libraries. Simply wrapped (with love?) by 360Suite.

From 2023.3 you now have the possibility to run the CMS, WEBI, CRYSTAL, IA and UNIVERSE jobs from 360Suite.

So many benefits:

  • Use and Manage use all 360 solutions from a single portal
  • We take care of importing the Webi and Universes (No need to import a LCMBIAR)
  • We take care of the product updates
  • We take care of the 360Eyes DB schema updates (so no need to run the CMS job first)
  • We take care of JAVA
  • No need to schedule in the CMC (gone the problems introduced by BI 4.3 SP03)

And from 2023.4, using 360Eyes in 360Suite will give you added features and possibilities.

Configuration in the Administration Console

Cheers from the Product and Engineering teams (And Leo) 🍸!

At this time we are not deprecating the existing 360eyes_bi43.zip but we are planning to do so in 2024.

We encourage you to prepare for this and do get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Note: In this release we are not supporting using a 360Eyes Database for the following vendors / configuration:

  • MS SQL Server using AD Authentication (it is OK with SQL Authentication)
  • Snowflake

These will be working as expected from 2023.4 scheduled for October.

360Vers: Webi Extension to support SAP BI 4.3

We've been working hard on 360Vers this year! First, back in 2023.1 we released the new object mode. Today, we are able to give you our Web Intelligence Extension.

This is available for both Package and Object modes. Including the new awesome Draft mode! So you can manage your check-ins and check-outs within your Webi reports without having to go to 360Suite.

Pre-requisites: Due to bugs in BOBJ, you need to be in BI 4.3 SP2 Patch 10+, BI 4.3 SP03 Patch 3+, BI 4.3 SP04+

360Plus: Parallel Rollback

Thanks to more parallel threading in 360Plus, rolling back your backups should run faster than before. Based on internal testing, we can see Documents and Instances being rolled back 20-30% faster 🀞.

360View: Documentation to include 360Vers version

Documenting your BOBJ content in 360View will now include the 360Vers version.

Result in Excel:

360Bind: Comparison Highlights Performance Regression

We updated the way we display performance regression in the Comparaison Tasks of 360Bind. From now on, the panel will automatically open if there is regression and the arrow to open/close it will be highlighted in orange.

360Bind: Export Prompts Spreadsheet to include Optional Prompts Information

When using the "Bulk set prompts" template spreadsheet, we will inform you if the prompts to fill in are Optional or Mandatory. This will simplify and accelerate the use of the template.

360Suite: Brand new Administration Console!

The result of our spring cleaning. A new and shiny Administration Console. All the same features. But better.

360Suite: Services Status

Ever wanted to see the status of the 360Suite Services with the ability to start / stop them without having to open the Administration Console? Now you can 🚦!

360Suite: Display the BOBJ rights on objects

Right click on BOBJ content and select "Open Security". You will see what the assigned permissions are and you even have the possibility to test the effective rights of another user πŸ”.

360Suite: Trigger Custom Events from Event menu

No need to go in the CMC to manually trigger Custom Events. It's now doable from 360Suite!

Deprecated Databases

We are no longer supporting the following databases as they are no longer supported by their respective vendors and SAP BusinessObjects. Important: from 2023.4 they will no longer work in any of our products πŸ›‘.

  • MySQL 5.5
  • Oracle 10g
  • IBM DB2 9.5
  • PostgreSQL 9.5, 9.6, 10

See the official notice of deprecation from the Customer Center.

Resolved Issues

P360SUITE-11119 - Bulk update does not work on matrix

P360SUITE-11074 - Unable to save a session by pressing Enter

P360SUITE-11071 - Updating tomcat when we are in basic install or in full install without tomcat generate strange behaviours

P360SUITE-11069 - No comparison in the contextual menu for universes after adding them into the versioning in object mode

P360SUITE-11059 - Comments are not included in backups and version and as a result not restored

P360SUITE-11021 - Custom configuration of connections are not saved in backup and not restored as a result