360Suite (inc. 360Eyes) - 2023.1.1

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Thank you for using 360Suite 💘!


See below for more details regarding what’s new, compatibility updates, change logs and resolved issues.


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New Features

Updates! 360Vers in Object Mode

In 2023.1 we released a brand new way of doing versioning.

In this release we are adding even more features and capabilities.

Note: We are still working on the new 360Vers Extension for Web Intelligence but we will have some delays due to issues in SAP BI 4.3. We are working with engineers at SAP and it will be released as soon as we can.

Merge Draft with Comments

In the previous release you could only give comments when doing a Check In and not working with draft.

This is now possible when Merging your draft.

As always, ensure this option is enabled in the Administration Console.


Draft Mode on Universes

In the previous release you could Check Out and work with Drafts on documents but not Universes.

This is now possible.


Export Audit Lifecycle to Excel

Ok this one is not exactly new... But it didn't make it to the previous Release Notes and of course it deserves its place under the sun!

You can export to Excel the Audit of the Lifecycle of an object.


360Univ - Conversion of UNX Multisource (MSU) to UNX Single Source (SSU)

This is a big one! Nobody else can do that! Not even SAP! 💪

I'm sure you know by now that old style Universes (UNV) are as good as gone. But for that we have you covered already to convert them to UNX thanks to 360Univ.

That's not it. SAP BI 4.3 is the last release where Multisource Universes (MSU) will work and be supported.

For both, the clock is already ticking. Mainstream Maintenance is ending in December 2025.

When SAP releases BI 2024, only UNX in Single Source Universes (SSU) will continue to work.

In this release we're here to help and convert your MSU that have a single connection to SSU!

Note: At this time we do not support the conversion of MSU that contains Derived Tables configured in SQL-92.

As you can see here we will tell you which tables need to be switched to database mode before converting them again with 360Univ.

Following your feedback we will look at improving what we can do on that front.


360View - Update Users Membership to support SQL Query

You could already manage individual users account memberships (bulk-adding and bulk-removing parent groups to a list of specified user) using an Excel template.

You can now do this using a SQL Query.


360Cast - Schedule to BOBJ Inboxes of Users member of a BOBJ Group & Sub Groups

In a previous release we added the ability to send documents to user Inboxes by specifying the BOBJ Group they belong to.

You can now send documents to users belonging to subgroups.

Simply use the syntax %Descendant{BOBJ_GROUP_NAME}

Change Logs

We now ship 360Suite bundled with Tomcat 9.0.71.

Resolved Issues

P360SUITE-10864 - Setup may generate improper keyspace

P360SUITE-10840 - opensaml lib version 2.5.1 is not removed by setup

P360SUITE-10838 - User export does not export Custom Attributes.

P360SUITE-10835 - Tomcat 9.0.56 is vulnerable

P360SUITE-10834 - When tomcat log directory is heavy, download may fail with memory error

P360SUITE-10801 - Converting from legacy Cast Task silently fails when there are SQL error on Destination List retrieval

P360SUITE-10787 - If we have a 3-letter username we can't autocomplete it in copy membership form

P360SUITE-10625 - Delete Univers Template not fetching