360Suite (inc. 360Eyes) - 2024.2.1

Release date:

New Release Alert! 🚀 Hotfix incoming!

We've fixed some issues after feedback from some of you. This primarly consists of feedback on the new setup.

Full Documentation: https://support.wiiisdom.com/documentation
Download Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/downloads

Of course, do get in touch if you need help with updating.

Contact us via your Customer Centre and Support Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/

Resolved Issues

▪ LicenseSpring - Unable to set up an offline license (Impact: High)

ID: P360SUITE-11775

Product: 360WPCore

Description: It is no longer possible to add an offline license.

▪ AUDIT - Batch mode insertion does not works with audit.instance=AUDITONLY (Impact: Medium)

ID: P360EYES-5280

Product: 360Eyes

Description: Audit events for Instances actions are not fully captured in the 360Eyes database when running REPORTS jobs (WEBI, CRYSTAL, IA) with -audit.instance=AUDITONLY, leading to incomplete audit trails.

▪ Setup doesn't use our java for SLA and Probe service (Impact: Medium)

ID: P360SUITE-11775

Product: Setup

Description: The SLA and Probe don't use our shipped java.

▪ Setup - Show path to logs when an error occurs (Impact: Low)

ID: P360SUITE-11773

Product: Setup

Description: We do not show path to the logs at the end of the installation if there was an issue.