360Suite Web Platform - 2022.1.2

Release date:

We have made some tweaks and improvements under the hood in this hotfix to make your 360Suite Web Platform even smoother.

Full Documentation: https://support.wiiisdom.com/documentation

Download Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/downloads

Do get in touch if you need help with updating and please read below for more information regarding what’s new, compatibility and resolved issues.

Support Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/

See you in a few months for 2022.2 🌻

Take care and stay safe!

New Features

360Suite Web Platform

Download Support Logs

From time to time we may need to review the logs of your application to determine what the problem is and where it is coming from.

We make this process easier from the About screen where you can now simply download the Tomcat logs and send them to our support team.

How To Sheet for Task Templates

Many of our tasks will allow you to use an Excel Spreadsheet template to define what needs to be done in that task. This is very powerful but not always simple to use for the more advanced ones.

For example, let’s say you want to Import Users in Bulk via an Administration Task in 360View.

This template has 22 columns and looks like this:

You will now find a new “How To” sheet in the template showing you how to use it:


Support of BOBJ Events on External Tasks

360Cast Tasks can now wait for BOBJ Events just like other kinds of tasks in 360Suite.

360Cast & 360Bind

Setting Prompts Values in Tasks

If your tasks contain multiple documents with prompts, you will have to assign them some values.

In the Global section, you will now find the prompts listed in alphabetical order.

In the sub sections, you will now find the prompts listed as they are defined in the documents.


360Suite Web Platform (API)

SQL as a Source for Supported Processors

As well as using an Excel Spreadsheet as a source for processors in the RESTful API, you can now also use SQL statements. Just as you would do in the application!


  • SAP BI 4.3 SP02: Support for SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.3 SP02
  • Postgres: Support for Postgres 13

Change Logs

  • Tomcat: 360Suite Web Platform is now shipped with Tomcat 9.0.56
  • Log4j: Updated with log4j 2.17