360Suite (inc. 360Eyes) - 2024.1.1

Release date:

We are working hard on 360Suite 2024.2 (still scheduled for late May / early June) but it turns out we have a few biggies that are ready and we simply couldn't wait to share them with you.

So, we decided to shake things up a bit and release an out-of-schedule version - introducing 360Suite 2024.1.1!

We're thrilled to bring you these new features and improvements ahead of time, and we can't wait for you to try them out. We believe they'll make your 360Suite experience even better.

Full Documentation: https://support.wiiisdom.com/documentation
Download Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/downloads

Of course, do get in touch if you need help with updating.

Contact us via your Customer Centre and Support Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/

Important Note:

🚨 An issue has been identified with 360Cast version 2023.4.x, specifically affecting tasks bursting on filters.

To avoid disruption, we advise upgrading to 360Suite version 2024.1 or above at your earliest convenience. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding. 🚨

New Features: 360Suite Solutions


Click here to read the Release Notes for 360Eyes 2024.1.1.


Centralized Management of SharePoint Online Destinations and Credentials 💎

In response to user feedback, we have developed a feature that allows 360Cast users to externalize their SharePoint Online destinations. This means you can now easily use these destinations more efficiently.

Here is a good use case! When credentials change, you no longer need to edit all your destination lists or tasks individually. Instead, you can make the changes in one central location. This feature not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors, making the management of SharePoint Online destinations more streamlined and user-friendly.

💎 This is a Premium Feature and licensed separately.


🏃‍♂️ Faster Delta Backup Tasks

We're excited to announce an enhancement in how we run delta backups. This improvement significantly accelerates the completion of backup tasks, particularly in large environments.

You can now enjoy a more efficient backup experience with quicker task completion times.

💌 We would love to hear your feedback about this. How long did it take before? And what about now?!

Promotion Task Logs

We've made it easier for promotion task creators to locate objects that could not be promoted.

This feature is particularly useful for clients who have multiple documents with the same name but in different folders.

Now, you can effortlessly track and manage your promotion tasks.


Comparison Tasks: Run by & Schedule For

We've added a new feature to our Comparison Tasks. When the option 'Schedule For' is used, we will now compare and document the 'Run by' user against the 'Schedule For' user.

If these users are not the same, a warning sign will be displayed.

Please note, this feature is only applicable on Export and Comparison tasks executed from version 2024.1.1 onwards.


Documenting SAP BusinessObjects Sessions

This new feature that allows you to document and export your SAP BusinessObjects Sessions to an Excel spreadsheet. You can do this manually in the menu SAP BusinessObjects Actors / BOBJ Sessions or automate the process using a Documentation task.

This enhancement provides greater flexibility and efficiency in managing your sessions.

New Features: 360Suite Core

Simplified User Access for 360Suite

We've simplified the process to allow non-SAP BusinessObjects Administrators to login to 360Suite.

To use this new process, first create an Application Access Levels with the right to Login to 360Suite. Then assign the permissions in the Application Security Matrix.

You will get this message and select Add the view right to the group.

Change Logs

360Suite Setup Database now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2022

Resolved Issues

P360SUITE-11625 - Notification JSON Schema is too restrictive

P360SUITE-11615 - Add a tomcat parameter to bypass LOV research

P360SUITE-11615 - Export name added to path for recurring 360Suite export tasks

P360SUITE-11614 - Fixed an issue exporting Connections Folder and Connections

P360SUITE-11613 - Unable to run IA job in 360Suite

P360SUITE-11608 - Purge backup can fail with NullPointerException 360Plus

P360SUITE-11595 - Not able to run the application on older Tomcat (8.5)

P360SUITE-11594 - Update 360Eyes task always set audit to default config

P360SUITE-11553 - First checkout from the extension display wrong versions button

P360SUITE-11524 - Dashboard from Monitor loses the value set

P360SUITE-11523 - Monitor does not show proper value

P360SUITE-11619 - Stopping tomcat during the run of recurring task break it and duplicate it each restart

P360SUITE-11569 - Add logs for recurring task

P360SUITE-11568 - Problem displaying properties in server comparison

P360SUITE-11546 - BOBJ Event has Delete action in the context menu but cannot be deleted by it

P360SUITE-11465 - The releasing session/log out task log does not appear anymore

P360SUITE-11382 - Cannot use %EMAILUSER or %EMAILGROUP to send comparison (and now side by side) result

P360SUITE-11558 - Deleting old watcher log may take a long time