360Suite (inc. 360Eyes) - 2022.3

Release date:

Happy Midsummer 🌞 everyone!

(A special mention to our friends in the Nordic countries who probably did some serious celebrations last weekend!)


As always, in this release you will find new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. See below for more details regarding what’s new, compatibility updates, change logs and resolved issues.


Full Documentation: https://support.wiiisdom.com/documentation
Download Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/downloads


Of course, do get in touch if you need help with updating.

Contact us via your Customer Centre and Support Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/


Take care and happy summer!

New Features

Brand New Home Screen!

You will notice several changes to the homescreen, left / right menu bars, navigation, shortcuts and more. This is an ongoing project since 2022.1 and you will see more in the upcoming releases. Please do share with us your comments and ideas!

Search for Content using IDs and CUIDs in 360Cast & 360Bind Forms

It is now possible to search and add objects by using their IDs and CUIDs in 360Cast & 360Bind Forms.

Activate “Saved session” Feature for New Installations

Due to popular demand, we decided to activate the “Saved session” feature by default for new installations. Of course it can still be enabled / disabled in the Administration Console.

Documentation to %EMAILUSER(user) or %EMAILGROUP(group) (360View, 360Plus)

Specify the name of a BOBJ group and every user who is a member of that group will receive the documentation file to the email specified in the CMC.


API: Clear Inboxes

We continue to expand on what you can do with our API. In this release you can now clear inboxes.


360Vers: Better Handling of Deleting Non-Empty Packages

You will now receive a very specific warning message if you are trying to delete a 360Vers package that is not empty.


360Cast: Reusable SQL Destination List Credentials

I love our SQL Destination List! Of course they require DB credentials and if you have loads of them, it may be annoying to maintain this if you have a regular password rotation policy.

In this you release you can now create reusable SQL Connections:

360Cast: Schedule to BOBJ Inboxes using Group Names

Similar to a feature mentioned above, specify in 360Cast the name of a BOBJ group and every user who is a member of that group will receive their attachment(s).

360View: New Admin Task to Publish / Replace XLSX

You know these Excel Spreadsheets that you can publish BOBJ and use them as a source for Web Intelligence? How do you maintain / update them when they are updated? It's painful right?!

We have a new Admin Task allowing you to do this automatically and in bulk!

360View: Ability to Encrypt Crystal DB Connections Passwords

Crystal Reports Connections can now be updated using encrypted passwords and no longer only in clear text.

Change Logs

  • The Tomcat bundled with 360Suite has been customised to remove information about the Tomcat Version for security reasons.
  • We now ship with Postgres 12.11 bundled with 360Suite.
  • Better Management of the 360Suite Servers (Schedulers)
    • When you add a license key, the servers will automatically set to auto-start and will be started for you.
    • If you try to run a task with its server stopped, you will be proactively notified.
  • Use of double-clicks: We continue to enable this on Tasks in many other places. E.g.: Open Pending / External Tasks, View Task Logs and more.
  • Remove the 360 User Prompt on Administration Login Form. This password also has an increased security policy.

Resolved Issues

  • P360SUITE-10191 - Ensuring Webi Document is not empty breaks the first crosstab in Cast
  • P360SUITE-10257 - Crystal Document and Instances documentation scheduled task may timeout on large environments
  • P360SUITE-9991 - Can't change user membership if one group is not seeable
  • P360SUITE-10154 - Webi Extension unable to change the version of a document.
  • P360SUITE-10264 - BOBJ may send some incorrectly encoded characters and prevent Bind/WOFBO from exporting document
  • P360SUITE-10064 - Custom attributes are missing when using a SQL source
  • P360SUITE-10192 - Email alias gets lost while importing users
  • P360SUITE-10079 - Email alias gets lost while updating users
  • P360SUITE-10076 - There is no header "Parents" in UserGroups documentation
  • P360SUITE-10221 - BOBJ Resources consumed by massive Data Provider repoint leads to errors
  • P360SUITE-10150 - Filters on private folders do not export all expected elements with folders and document documentation
  • P360SUITE-10225 - Simple Rollback does not properly and as a result ends in Warning due to bad dependencies resolution
  • P360SUITE-10135 - Impossible to select source of UpdateOwner task
  • P360SUITE-10009 - No pagination in cart management
  • P360SUITE-10160 - It is possible to autocomplete password with browser clear-text password repository
  • P360SUITE-10182 - SLA does not release sessions on UNX promotion task
  • P360SUITE-10184 - Cannot export AFO on Bind and Cast
  • P360SUITE-10186 - If you don't have modify object nor modify owned object 360 Bind can't export instances
  • P360SUITE-10177 - Unable to update watcher ranges due to XML Parsing Error
  • P360SUITE-10074 - Running (yet finished) instances are marked as failed
  • P360SUITE-10230 - Run now pending Administration Tasks does not take the file and triggers clust003 error
  • P360SUITE-10196 - Cannot run Backup the first time due to a StackOverflow error
  • P360SUITE-10234 - Under some rare circumstances 360Cast does not export the right instance for Crystal Report documents
  • P360SUITE-10275 - Impossible to navigate to comparison task list on BOBJ tomcat-deployed application
  • P360SUITE-10278 - Moved objects are unexpectedly deleted by empty recycle bin task
  • P360SUITE-10280 - On some broken jobs, documenting recurring instances fails with NullPointerException
  • P360SUITE-10161 - If the deleted instance is the last one waited, 360Cast and 360Bind Export task get stucked
  • P360SUITE-10185 - AFO content.xlsx file is not sent to Bind Repository and therefore can't be compared
  • P360SUITE-10287 - Session selector does not refresh the admin tool
  • P360SUITE-10286 - Functionality visible without rights
  • P360SUITE-10253 - Cannot compare numerical values on Live Comparison
  • P360SUITE-10235 - Unable to do a Package Promotion Task from source to CMS
  • P360SUITE-10227 - Content-Security-Policy header is missing
  • P360SUITE-10222 - Only User attributes on the User tab on the Init template
  • P360SUITE-10193 - Unable to save Bind configuration if scheduling session is activated
  • P360SUITE-10155 - Error message on fresh installation (PRE011/CONF020)
  • P360SUITE-10152 - Use windows authentication does not appear on Vers replication wizard
  • P360SUITE-10149 - Error page appears when trying to delete folders of personal folders
  • P360SUITE-10145 - Freemium never shows 100%
  • P360SUITE-10123 - Limited right cast-only users cannot import task
  • P360SUITE-10052 - NullPointerException on DataProvider documentation because BOBJ answers unexpected JSON
  • P360SUITE-10223 - Can't add AFO in Cast Task
  • P360SUITE-10058 - New Filter is missing a letter.
  • P360SUITE-9960 - Bad title for User restrictions
  • P360SUITE-9390 - With only a Plus license, impossible to document Backup Repository
  • P360SUITE-10281 - Often Misused: HTTP Method Override - enforce right policy for view, resource and API
  • P360SUITE-10272 - Repoint Webi Universe task shows a comma