360Suite (inc. 360Eyes) - 2022.3.1

Release date:

Hope you are enjoying the summer! 🌞

We have made some tweaks and improvements in this hotfix to make your 360Suite experience even smoother.


See below for more details regarding what’s new, compatibility updates, change logs and resolved issues.


Full Documentation: https://support.wiiisdom.com/documentation
Download Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/downloads


Of course, do get in touch if you need help with updating.

Contact us via your Customer Centre and Support Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/


Take care and happy summer!

New Features

360Cast: Force Password Protection of Archives (.ZIP)

As an administrator, you may want to ensure that content sent by 360Cast is always password protected in a .ZIP archive.

First you need to enable this new mode in the Administration Console.

Then you will see that the options to "Package exports to a ZIP archive" and "Archive Password" are both checked by default and cannot be unchecked.


Schedule Tasks to run within a range of hours

You can now use recurring tasks to run within a range of hours.

Let's say you want a task to run every hour but only between 9am to 5pm. Instead of creating one task per hour, you can now set a "range of hours".


Update Tasks - Everywhere!

You can now update a task and commit the changes straight away in the tab where you are. Saving you a lot of Next... Next... Next...!

If a change requires you to update a dependency, we will even highlight where for you!


360Bind: Regression Testing Locale

The Regression Testing Comparison Task will now show you the locales used when comparing both exports. Of course we will highlight them if they are different!


Semantic Layer Agent - Standalone Install

You can now install the Semantic Layer Agent on its own server without having to install the entire 360Suite solution.


360View - Admin Tasks Helper

We know that having so many admin tasks is really powerful but at the same could be difficult to know exactly what some of them exactly do.

The Process tab has been redesigned to make this hopefully more friendly.


360Live: Starting / Stopping State

We wanted to make it more obvious what the state of your watchers were.

Setup.exe - Helpful URLs

When installing & updating 360Suite, the final screen will now show you the URLs to operate the solution..


API: Users Import

We continue to expand on what you can do with our API. In this release you can now import or update users by using a configuration source file, a SQL Query or directly by specifying the user in the JSON.


API: Purge Folders

We continue to expand on what you can do with our API. In this release you can now delete documents from folders by using a configuration source file or directly by specifying the folders in the JSON.


Change Logs

360Cast: The encryption level when password protecting .ZIP and .XLSX has been increased to AES-256.

Note: On some Operating Systems you may need additional software such as 7-Zip or WinRAR to extract the .ZIP archives.

Resolved Issues

  • P360SUITE-10388 - Full synchronisation breaks BOBJ Connections and Universes
  • P360SUITE-10359 - Cannot set start date for recurring frequency
  • P360SUITE-10358 - Session not showing properly
  • P360SUITE-10335 - Issues restoring from the recycle bin
  • P360SUITE-10311 - When we update watcher, the unfolded category is not the right one
  • P360SUITE-10309 - Saved Sessions are not displayed
  • P360SUITE-10308 - Graphical issues in In App destination List edition
  • P360SUITE-10292 - Enter just after taping a filter doesn't apply the filter
  • P360SUITE-10290 - Start time is not documented
  • P360SUITE-10245 - Impossible to package export into zip with special chars in zip name
  • P360SUITE-10232 - A CSV destination list with more cells than headers returns ArrayIndexOufOfBoundsException
  • P360SUITE-10226 - If we do not click aside, format and types are not saved in InApp Destination List
  • P360SUITE-10220 - NullPointerException when we want to open a deleted web task
  • P360SUITE-10218 - NullPointerException is triggered when we try to update an object whose path is unknown after filtering
  • P360SUITE-10189 - When we update server membership success message says we changed user membership
  • P360SUITE-10183 - Cannot filter on server kind with the advanced filter wizard
  • P360SUITE-10180 - Change Warning message when objects already exist on Init
  • P360SUITE-9152 - Flag Objects adds an empty space even if description was empty
  • P360SUITE-9049 - Need to re-logon all the users to use a new SLA configuration