360Suite (inc. 360Eyes) - 2023.1

Release date:

Happy New Year Everyone! We are super happy to start 2023 with this latest release of 360Suite 🍾!


See below for more details regarding what’s new, compatibility updates, change logs and resolved issues.


Full Documentation: https://support.wiiisdom.com/documentation
Download Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/downloads


Of course, do get in touch if you need help with updating.

Contact us via your Customer Centre and Support Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/

New Features

User Experience

We have done once again a number of updates in the User Interface. Here are the most notable ones:

📆 When creating a new Task, a Title will be automatically added for you. You're welcome.

🧾 These Release Notes are now available in the About Screen.

✅ Your Lists (Tasks, Destinations, etc) are now looking really different!

  • More information in the Run column
  • Clicking the Status will open the Logs
  • For 360Bind and Wiiisdom Ops a new Result column
  • Shortcuts at the end of the row (Open, Edit, Open Logs, Rerun, and more)


New! Wiiisdom Ops for SAP BusinessObjects

Wiiisdom Ops for SAP BusinessObjects is a brand new and agile solution that allows you to carry out automated analytics data quality testing and reconciliation to validate the data that is actually held in your Analytics solutions.

That's right, Data Quality. But the data inside BOBJ! Analytics Data Quality.

We have this already available for Tableau and soon for Microsoft Power BI. But we are pleased to add this capability to 360Suite for Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports!

By creating simple Statistics and/or Data Rules, you can validate that the data inside let's say here a Web Intelligence match your criteria.

  • Statistics to ensure you don't have empty data eg: Query1.orderid != 0
  • Static rules eg: Year=2023 or with a formula Year=%d(yyyy)
  • Validate data in rows eg: Country in (USA, Canada, UK, France)
  • Against your database with a SQL Query! Eg: Revenue = SELECT xyz FROM abc

Data Rules:

Statistic Rules:

Once the Webi has refreshed and we analysed the data you will get a Validated or Failed. Of course you can chose to be notified by email, MS Teams, Slack etc and act on the issue.

This way you can detect, before the users, is the data is wrong for any reasons such as an issue with the ETL feeding the DB the Universe is using, the Universe itself, Row Level Security, Rights, Server issues, etc.


📞 Do get in touch if you would like to see it live in action and/or give it a test run!


New! 360Vers in Object Mode

A brand new way of doing versioning is now available.

Do version control directly on the object. Even on Universes!

Work in Draft! Awesome when you need to work in Production and avoid disturbing the users (I'm sure you don't 🤷‍♂️).

Compare, Rollback, Audit and a lot more! You want to see this. 

We have released a lot already and we have a pretty good roadmap ahead of us*!

*Roadmap items are subject to change at any time.


360Univ: Convert UNV to UNX

If you still have Universes "old style" (UNV) you really want to start planning and convert them to UNX as their end of life is coming up fast.

We can already help with a lot of things: Backup, Repoint and Test. But we were missing an important part. Convert the actual Universe to UNX!

It is now possible! In bulk! And with the same options that you have in IDT 💪

So if you have a large number of Universes to convert, simply do it in one go thanks to 360Univ!



You may know by now that 360Suite has an API allowing you to manage your tasks with a RESTful API.

In this release we have added more to the now affectionately called "Geek Mode* 🤓":


  • Promotion with Selection


  • User Groups Import
  • Update User Groups Membership
  • Update Users Membership
  • Source Owner Update
  • Import UNV Restrictions


*That's for you Francois 😁


  • SAML SSO Authentication
  • Support of Snowflake (360Cast / Analytics Ops / 360View)
  • Support of SAP BI 4.3 SP03

Change Logs


Resolved Issues

P360SUITE-10784 - Cannot use stored procedure in SQL-sourced administration tasks or Cast Destination Lists

P360SUITE-10780 - Some Autostarts are not saved properly

P360SUITE-10744 - On some edge cases with some old versions of tomcat 8.5.x WebPlatform can't start due to NullPointerException

P360SUITE-10720 - BOBJ is unable to work under loadbalancing in some case

P360SUITE-10677 - Cannot create a DL based on an existing SQL Connection w/ WP on Oracle

P360SUITE-10673 - Bad performance on descendant selection

P360SUITE-10671 - We tell the customer they need Plus Key to process To Task Backup on Document/Universe/Connection

P360SUITE-10670 - Cannot base Update User Properties task upon SQL Query

P360SUITE-10669 - Unable to retrieve snapshot in certain conditions

P360SUITE-10654 - Postprocess warning is not reset for recurring tasks

P360SUITE-10652 - Unable to valuate a From/To Prompt coming from a BW Query

P360SUITE-10648 - If resource have more than 1 000 explicit security set, the Explicit Security Documentation just documents the 1 000 first objects

P360SUITE-10631 - Impossible to save session

P360SUITE-10629 - Unable to use "User Inboxes" in the Excel destination List

P360SUITE-10626 - Save Bind configuration with empty path

P360SUITE-10624 - Unable to add Enterprise Alias to users

P360SUITE-10622 - Unable to restore backup from Public folders

P360SUITE-10588 - Include "Document id" column for all rows of DataProvider

P360SUITE-10584 - Prompts column is empty in non recurring instances documentation

P360SUITE-10581 - Pasting excel column or even comma/semicolon separated values in the multivalue field of advanced filtering wizard does not generate a list

P360SUITE-10563 - On some edge cases, BOBJ sends empty cell data and therefore comparison cannot be displayed because of a NullPointerException

P360SUITE-10560 - Unable to use IDT Extension with releases

P360SUITE-10531 - Cannot duplicate/restore a backed-up document that is now deleted

P360SUITE-10526 - Empty search in Non Regression Testing Export wizard leads to error page

P360SUITE-10525 - Open document link is displayed even on Publication and Job type

P360SUITE-10520 - Cannot export Three60management, init, validate dataset and plus management tasks with scheduled task

P360SUITE-10497 - Cannot add dependency on BOBJ promotion task

P360SUITE-10495 - On some batch version SLA batch is not working

P360SUITE-10494 - Task and DL context menu does not show everything when author does not match the right casing

P360SUITE-10493 - On some BOBJ internal edge cases applying filters throws NullPointerException and stop CastTask

P360SUITE-10437 - No contextual menu on Vers Release list