Standalone Solutions for SAP BusinessObjects - 2024.2

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Happy Midspring 🌱 everyone!

See below for more details regarding what’s new, compatibility updates, change logs and resolved issues.

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New Features : 360Eyes

Improved Documents' Content Extraction

When extracting content in the WEBI Job, we will now extract the exact type of visualization. So instead of “BLOCK” you will now have the exact type of block (Bar chart, Pie chart …)

When running a WEBI job, use the following parameter : -webi.reports=ON it will enrich the EYE_DOCUMENT_REPORT and EYE_DOCUMENT_REPORT_ELEMENT tables, rather than EYE_CONTENT table. (new Dimensions provided in the 360Eyes_REPORTS.unx Universe)

Improved Documents' Filters Extraction

We also improved the Filters extraction, to get the extraction, use the following parameter : -webi.reports.filter=ON it will enrich the EYE_FILTER table, rather than EYE_CONTENT table. (new Dimensions provided in the 360Eyes_REPORTS.unx Universe)

Improved Documents' Alerters/Formatting rules Extraction

The alerters and formatting rules also have an improved extraction, by using -webi.alerters=ON you will enrich the EYE_ALERTER_RULE table, rather than EYE_CONTENT table. (new Dimensions provided in the 360Eyes_REPORTS.unx Universe)

You may have to change your custom reports to be able to get the proper data. They can be found under Formatting Rule and Report. In those categories, you will have all the informations about the filters, and visualizations.

Audit Extraction

The Audit Extraction now fetch Prompts information more clearly and with more informations.

New Features: 360Eyes For Collibra

We added new assets in Collibra to handle the new tables and data that comes from the audit and Webi Extraction. This means that the metamodel has been updated, you will have to update it on your side. For more information, don’t hesitate to head over the documentation.

New Features: 360Eyes For SAP Data Services

Please find the Release Notes for 2024.2.

Security Fixes

We fixed the following CVEs:



Removed Parameters

The following parameters have been removed in 2024.2:

-webi.reports.drillenabled the metadata is extracted by default once -webi.reports=ON

-cache had no effect on 360Eyes jobs.

Resolved Issues

▪ The last snapshot is deleted if the number of snapshots is limited (Impact: High)
ID: P360EYES-5209
Product : EyesDS
Description: Running the DATASERVICES job with settings to limit snapshots to N in the 360EyesDS database inadvertently deletes the most recent snapshot created during the process, contrary to the expectation of retaining the latest snapshot and only removing older ones.

▪ CMS Job - Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_CMS_EVENT_SCHED' (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360EYES-5254
Product : EyesBO
Description: During a CMS job extracting Events linked to document Scheduling information, the SAP BusinessObjects Java SDK sometimes returns duplicate Event IDs, causing the job to fail due to a violation of the unique constraint in the CMS_EVENT_SCHED table. This issue, specific to customer cases, prevents the successful insertion of Event ID/Schedule Type pairs for each document.

▪ Snapshot Management - "Too many queries were done" Exception during snapshot deletion from 360Suite Administration Console (Impact: Medium)
ID: P360EYES-5257
Product : EyesBO
Description: Encountering an exception due to "Too many queries were done" when deleting large snapshots with over 1,000,000 rows in the 360Suite Administration Console disrupts data management workflows. This issue, stemming from batch deletion limits, necessitates a review of deletion parameters for efficiency improvements.

▪ Database Connection Issue - Job Failure to Connect to Audit Database Despite Correct Password Update (Impact: Low)
ID: P360EYES-5258
Product : EyesBO
Description: Eyes jobs in 360Suite fail to recognize updated passwords for the Audit database due to caching of incorrect credentials, requiring a Tomcat server restart to clear memory and accept the new password.

▪ CMS - Null Pointer Exception on server.getContainer().getExecProps().getArgs()) (Impact: Low)
ID: P360EYES-5194
Product : EyesBO
Description: Running a CMS job with the parameter Contents to extract [cms.content]=SERVER on a server cluster triggers a warning log with a NullPointerException error under specific conditions. CMS_SERVER and CMS_SERVER_PROPERTY tables are not accurately populated.

▪ CMS - Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_CMS_LIMIT'. (Impact: Low)
ID: P360EYES-5243
Product : EyesBO
Description: When setting limits on the Inboxes root folder in SAP BOBJ 4.3, a CMS job failed due to a PRIMARY KEY violation in the CMS_LIMIT table. This occurred because multiple rows with identical ID, LIMITTYPE, ID_PRINCIPAL, and LIMIT_NAME were attempted to be inserted, all having the description "Maximum object level security" replacing "Unknown right". To resolve this, adding NAME to the PRIMARY KEY is necessary to prevent duplicates.