Standalone Solutions for SAP BusinessObjects - 2023.2

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It's a great time of year! Spring has arrived🌿 and we've released 2023.2 of 360Eyes for SAP BusinessObjects🚀!

See below for more details regarding what’s new, compatibility updates, change logs and resolved issues.

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New Features

360Eyes for SAP BusinessObjects: Collibra extension

Collibra is a data cataloging solution that enables organisations to improve their comprehension and control of their data assets. Its primary aim is to establish an inventory of these data assets (BI, Analytics, Databases, etc), by acquiring information (metadata) about them.

If you are an organisation with both SAP BusinessObjects and Collibra you will want to talk with us! We are now giving you the ability to have BOBJ metadata in Collibra thanks to 360Eyes.

New Parameter: Specify the parameters file (.param)

We are now offering the ability to force the use of a specific .param file with a parameter when running a 360Eyes job.

This will be very helpful for instance when people have a single 360Eyes server but using it against multiple BOBJ environments.

Syntax: -paramFile=<absolute path to a 360eyes parameter file>

Example: -paramFile=C:\test.param

Webi Read Duration in the 360Eyes DB

In 2022.4 we added more information to the log files allowing you to identify the duration taken to process a Web Intelligence report with the WEBI job.

We are now also writing this information in the 360Eyes database.

The 360eyes_REPORTS universe has a new dimension pointing to the new column:

  • Location : Eye Document/
  • Name : Document Extraction Time
  • Type : Dimension
  • Description : The duration in seconds to extract the document from SAP BOBJ with an Eyes job


Added support of MySQL 8 for the SAP BOBJ Audit database.

Change Logs

Error Management

Prior to 2023.2, a 360Eyes job may run and finish as Success while a critical error has been encountered during the job execution.

In the following examples, the jobs would finish successfully however not fulfilling their purposes.

The problem is that users would have no reason to think that the job didn’t complete as expected.

Example 1: Stop the job if the connexion to the Audit Database couldn't be established and can't get data.
Example 2: Stop the job if a RESTful Web Service Token couldn't be granted.

From 2023.2, we will do series of checks at the beginning of the job and fail it immediately if a prerequisite is unavailable.

DELTA - Change the default value of the parameter delta.failed_doc to DISMISS

Today, when we launch a REPORT job in DELTA, we will try to re-extract all documents even if we were unable to extract them during the previous extraction.

For most customers, it’s very time consuming because the job tries to extract the same documents again at every execution even if the documents have not been updated and therefore still likely to error.

We are now changing the default behavior of this parameter to not retry the extraction if the document was in error in the previous extraction.

Deprecated Parameters

The following parameters will be deleted in 2024.1:

  • novariable
  • noproperty
  • folder
  • universe.subfolderparentids
  • external.user.extraction.query
  • external.user.extraction.url
  • external.user.extraction.user
  • external.user.extraction.pass
  • compliance.user.replacement.query
  • compliance.user.replacement.url
  • compliance.user.replacement.user
  • compliance.user.replacement.pass
  • getinstancebyprogidmachine
  • usedatabasecolumncache

Do get in touch with us if you have any concerns and we can discuss workarounds.

Deprecated Databases

We are no longer supporting the following databases as they are no longer supported by their respective vendors and SAP BusinessObjects.

  • MySQL 5.5
  • Oracle 10g
  • IBM DB2 9.5
  • PostgreSQL 9.5, 9.6, 10

Deleted Parameters

In this release we have deleted a number of parameters that were either no longer useful, appropriate or used by any customers.

Content Flagging

This feature allowed to add a specific keyword in the description of one or several reports based on several filters. This keyword was used by 360View to identify the reports and make actions on them.

  • content.flag
  • content.flag.keyword
  • content.flag.month
  • content.flag.folder.type
  • content.flag.object.type
  • content.flag.created.month
  • content.flag.modified.month
  • content.flag.exclude
  • content.flag.owner.exclude
  • content.flag.schedule.exclude
  • content.flag.schedule.owner.exclude
  • sensitiveData
  • sensitiveData.flag
  • sensitiveData.watermark

Similarity Ratio

  • ia.compute_similarity_ratio


  • compliance.removefailedusers

Legacy Parameters

  • universe.oldmode
  • scanmode
  • audit_ids

Do get in touch with us if you have any concerns and we can discuss workarounds.

Resolved Issues

P360EYES-4912 - WEBI JOB - Problem to query the InfoStore if we exclude only IDs or only CUIDs

P360EYES-4819 - WEBI JOB - Problem to get the operand when the filter is based on "object from this query"