Standalone Solutions for SAP BusinessObjects - 2023.4.2

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This update focuses on enhancing the stability and performance of our software.

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Important Note: 360Eyes will soon move permanently to its new shiny home in 360Suite. This is scheduled for July 2024.

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Change Logs

Improved SAP BOBJ Audit Data Extraction

In environments with extensive SAP BOBJ Audit data, certain requests could lead to performance and resource challenges due to the retrieval of millions of rows.

To address this, we have implemented a more efficient data extraction strategy. The system now retrieves data in smaller and manageable batches of 100,000 rows, mitigating performance issues.

We are also introducing a new configurable parameter to control the batch size for Audit data extraction:


This enhancement ensures a more optimized extraction process, allowing users to tailor the batch size according to their specific requirements.

Web Intelligence - Extract the Data Provider BOBJ IDs (DP0, DP1...)

In response to the needs of BOBJ Administrators who utilize 360Eyes to generate templates to be used with 360View for repointing Webi Reports to new Universes, we are thrilled to introduce the enhanced capability to extract Data Provider BOBJ IDs (DP0, DP1...)

The extracted information simplifies the assignment of Webi Reports and Queries to specific DP IDs, enhancing the overall repointing workflow.

Resolved Issues

P360EYES-5117 - AUDIT : Error in getting instances actions with case sensitive Audit database

P360EYES-5105 - The IDT Session is not closed when the CMS job has finished