Standalone Solutions for SAP BusinessObjects - 2022.3

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Happy Midsummer 🌞 everyone!

(A special mention to our friends in the Nordic countries who probably did some serious celebrations last weekend!)


As always, in this release you will find new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. See below for more details regarding what’s new, compatibility updates, change logs and resolved issues.


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New Features

Webi Properties - Extract the Last Modified Date and Creation Date

You may or may not know that a Web Intelligence document has two different "Last Modified Date" values!

There is the one in the CMC and the one available from the Statistics menu in the SAP BI Launch Pad.

360Eyes is now able to correcly extract both dates:

Better Extraction of Access Levels

We have improved how we extract and present Access Levels to be more accurate.

Better Extraction of Custom Display Formats of Universes (UNX) objects

Previously the information was hard to read. We have improved things here also!


Snapshot Management: Reintroducing the -keep parameter

Although it may not be the most well known and therefore used parameter due to education, -keep is very valuable.

We have several customers who would like to frequently generate snapshots (eg daily) but only keep a small history of them (eg 10). While at the same time wanting to have a monthly history for auditing purposes.

Without -keep, the daily and monthly snapshots would both be affected by the snapshot.count.max.

Resolved Issues

  • P360EYES-4370 - WEBI Job - EYE_QUERY_OBJ.OBJ_KEY doesn't fit to EYE_UNIVERSE_OBJ.OBJ_KEY for filters of UNV universes
  • P360EYES-4267 - Fixed the missing "\" missing on the PATH in the CMS_UNIVERSE
  • P360EYES-3863 - Manage case insensitive in 360eyes working directory
  • P360EYES-4279 - No User Session data found
  • P360EYES-4147 - Duplicate primary key EYE_UNIVERSE_CTX_JN