Standalone Solutions for SAP BusinessObjects - 2022.4

Release date:

Happy Almost Halloween 🎃 !


As always, in this release you will find new features, bug fixes and performance improvements. See below for more details regarding what’s new, compatibility updates, change logs and resolved issues.


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New Features

New Parameter: Web Intelligence Variables

In this release you will find a New Parameter: -webi.variables.details=ON|OFF

This parameter will allow you to choose if you want to extract the Formula part of a Variable or not. When OFF, this will probably give you performance improvement when running the WEBI job.

This is great for instance when you only want to know about the usage / non-usage of Variables in Webi without necessarily wanting the code of the Formulas.

Great also for detecting complex Webi based on the number of Variables they contain.

-webi.variables.details=ON will extract variable's Formula

-webi.variables.details=OFF will not extract variable's Formula


New Parameter: Delete Snapshots from Unique IDs

Today, we can only remove Snapshots from a list of Permanent IDs. That create problems if you want to delete specific Snapshots within the same Permanent IDs.

This new parameter will allow you to select the Snapshot to delete by their Unique IDs.

Syntax: -unique_id_to_delete=... Can contain only numbers separated by a comma.

Example: Run an instances of the REMOVE_SNAPSHOT job with the parameter: -unique_id_to_delete=1,2


Log Files

We know you love our log files 🥰

We hope you don't need them too often but when it's time, it's time. Having clean and useful information is important. We've done a lot of improvements in this release, here are the notable ones:

  • Easily identify the duration taken to process a Web Intelligence report with the WEBI job. E.g.:

INFO - Opening Webi: 5457#/Root Folder/Web Intelligence Samples/Table Demo (type:PUBLIC)
INFO - Close Webi: 5457 [Extraction time : 35 s]
INFO - Save Webi: 5457 [Unit insertion time : 2 s]


  • Document all parameters used in a job.

Imagine you run a job within the CMC and force some parameters. It would be difficult to troubleshoot an issue between investigating these parameters and the ones in the .param file.

The log files now contain at the very top all the parameters actually used for the job in one place. Thus making the support process a lot easier.

Change Logs

  • Performance Improvement: The SQL Batch Mode will now default to 1000 (-sql.batch.size=1000).

Note: This only applies to new installations and where this parameter is not already set to a value (-sql.batch.size=).

For others, this change has no effect.


  • Web Intelligence Variables - Formulas (-webi.variables)

If you have the following parameter set to ON it will no longer extract the Formulas contained within Variables.

See above regarding the new parameter: -webi.variables.details


  • Snapshots:

Failed Snapshots will now return a status of -1 (instead of 0)

Failed Snapshots (Status -1) with automatically be deleted in REPLACE Mode


  • Technical Enhancements:

Process of working with USER_SESSION in DELTA mode

Better Extractions using the RESTful Mapper

Resolved Issues

  • P360EYES-4541 - CMS Job - Error during INSERT CMS_PERSONAL_FIELD : NPE
  • P360EYES-4535 - DATAPROVIDER - Missing information if the provider is an Excel
  • P360EYES-4493 - [LOG] : An extra log file 360eyes-*.log is created
  • P360EYES-4458 - EyeDocumentDAO : NullPointerException while trying invoke .equals() on a null getKind()
  • P360EYES-4451 - Webi job - The job stop when logoffCMS() throw a ClientHandlerException
  • P360EYES-4450 - Jobs run from CMC - A JobException is thrown even if the job ends successfully
  • P360EYES-4449 - GUI - The GUI closes due to a job failure
  • P360EYES-4407 - RESTAPI - Jersey : MIME media type text/html was not found
  • P360EYES-4400 - UNIVERSE Job - Index out of range during Business Items extraction