360Eyes for SAP BusinessObjects - 2023.4

Release date:

It's the spooky season 🎃! And with that, it is time to present our final release of the year 👻.

Thank you for using 360Eyes for SAP BusinessObjects!

💡 Did you know that 360Eyes is now available in the 360Suite interface?! This was announced back in July. It's awesome, you've got to check this out!

Important Note: 360Eyes will soon move permanently to its new shiny home in 360Suite. This is scheduled for July 2024.

It's very straight forward and you have a lot of time to plan this. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or worries. Our Customer Success is there to support you 🥰.

Full Documentation: https://support.wiiisdom.com/documentation
Download Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/downloads

Of course, do get in touch if you need help with updating.

Contact us via your Customer Centre and Support Site: https://support.wiiisdom.com/

Have great Christmas 🎄 and see you in the New Year 🥳!

New Features

Scheduled Prompts: Dynamic and Constant value

We now give the ability to document if a scheduled prompt contains a Dynamic or Constant value.


The new object in the 360Eyes_CMS Universe:

Note: You need to add DOCUMENT_PROMPT in the parameter cms.content.

360Eyes for SAP BusinessObjects: Collibra extension

Collibra is a data cataloging solution that enables organisations to improve their comprehension and control of their data assets. Its primary aim is to establish an inventory of these data assets (BI, Analytics, Databases, etc), by acquiring information (metadata) about them.

If you are an organisation with both SAP BusinessObjects and Collibra you will want to talk with us! Since 2023.3, we are now giving you the ability to have BOBJ metadata in Collibra thanks to 360Eyes.

New Extract: Query and Query Objects in Data Providers

We continue to push even more metadata into Collibra. This time it is about the actual objects used in the SAP BO Data Provider. You gain even more BOBJ Lineage than before.

This enhancement will allow us in a future release to create a link between these new SAP BO Query Object data assets with the SAP BO Universe Objects data assets for even more advanced lineage.

The Updated Operating Model:

In Collibra:

Enable/Disable sending SQL Queries to Collibra

For security reasons, you may want to avoid sending SQL Queries to Collibra.

We appreciate that and from now on by default, we will no longer send SQL Queries until you switch this new parameter to ON.

Parameter: -collibra.export-sql-queries=<ON|OFF>

When set to OFF, the following columns from the 360Eyes database will not be sent to Collibra:


Purge Collibra Domain

We added the ability to purge a Collibra Domain of all of its Collibra data assets.

This may be useful when you want to handle deleted BOBJ objects for instance. Simply purge your domain before running the import job again.

⚠ Warning: Using this function is at your own risk. Make sure you are purging the right domain.

Check the README.txt for more information.

Collibra Sample Command Line Scripts

We wanted to make it easier for you to use our product and for this we have created sample command line scripts.

360Eyes for SAP Data Services

Please find the Release Notes for 2023.4.

Change Logs

DELTA mode enhanced to handle moved content

Before 2023.4, the DELTA mode would consider a moved object, even if it wasn't modified, the same as being deleted and recreated elsewhere. It meant an entire new extract by the WEBI job for instance.

The new behavior is to recognise that if an object was moved and not modified, we only need to update its path.

This change is more efficient and will increase performance.

Deprecated Parameters

The following parameters will be deleted in 2024.1:

  • novariable
  • noproperty
  • folder
  • universe.subfolderparentids
  • external.user.extraction.query
  • external.user.extraction.url
  • external.user.extraction.user
  • external.user.extraction.pass
  • compliance.user.replacement.query
  • compliance.user.replacement.url
  • compliance.user.replacement.user
  • compliance.user.replacement.pass
  • getinstancebyprogidmachine
  • usedatabasecolumncache

Do get in touch with us if you have any concerns and we can discuss workarounds.

Deprecated Databases

As announced in 2023.3, from this release we are no longer supporting the following databases. They will no longer work in any of our products.

  • MySQL 5.5
  • Oracle 10g
  • IBM DB2 9.5
  • PostgreSQL 9.5, 9.6, 10

See the official notice of deprecation from the Customer Center.

Resolved Issues

P360EYES-5056 - User Session: The SQL query executed on Oracle always returns 0 rows.

P360EYES-5073 - CMS Job: Warning "NullPointerException" during the extractions of the SI_CONNECTION_PARAMETERS of the Common Connections.

P360EYES-5072 - WEBI Job: Can't find the Universe Object linked to the Query Object (Maybe masqued?).

P360EYES-5032 - CMS Job: Job fails to calculate the future instances executions.