Standalone Solutions for SAP Data Services - 2023.2

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It's a great time of year! Spring has arrived🌿 and we've released 2023.2 of 360Eyes for SAP Data Services🚀!

See below for more details regarding what’s new, compatibility updates, change logs and resolved issues.

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New Features

New Parameter: Specify the parameters file (.param)

We are now offering the ability to force the use of a specific .param file with a parameter when running a 360Eyes job.

This will be very helpful for instance when people have a single 360Eyes server but using it against multiple SAP DS environments.

Syntax: -paramFile=<absolute path to a 360eyes parameter file>

Example: -paramFile=C:\test.param

Improvement to Webi #100: Make the difference between each kind of Datastore

Today, the datastores of kind Database and Flat Files are saved in the same table EYE_DS_DATASTORE and the column DATASTORE_TYPE contains the kind of datastore (FILE or DATABASE).

But this column is not available from the 360Eyes DS Universe.

So that, all kinds of Datastores are displayed in the report #100 in the same tab and there is no real meaning to differentiate them except to filter on the column “File Location”.

The main purpose of this feature is to add a new dimension in the Universe that display the value of the column DATASTORE_TYPE, and update the report #100 to create a new tab “Formats List” that display the Flat Files and HDFS Files, and remove them from the tab “Datastores List”.

Provide SQL Scripts to facilitate cleaning and deleting 360Eyes database

If you wish to clean the 360Eyes database manually, we are now offering the scripts to you:

  • 360eyesDS_drop.sql
  • 360eyesDS_empty.sql