360Eyes for SAP Data Services - 2021.3

Release date:

Enhancements to the documentation of each Dataflow

We are now able to extract elements from the Dataflows:

  • Database and Flat Files Sources,
  • Database and Flat Files Targets,
  • Transformations (the following types are extracted Query, Table Comparison, History_Preserving, Hierarchy_Flattening, Merge, Map_Operation, SQL, Validation)

A new key-value documentation for some Dataflow sub elements

We are now able to extract key-value documentation from some content of the Dataflows:

  • Target (Datastore of type Database)
  • Source (Datastore of type Database)

New Universe for simpler and more advanced documentation

New Web Intelligence sample reports

Major performance improvements

Support of SAP HANA as a source for SAP Data Services Repositories