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  • Wiiisdom ID Sign Up

    Access the login page: Click the "Log in or Sign up via Wiiisdom ID" button: It will open the Log in page. From it, click the "Sign up" link to go to the Sign up page and create/register your Wiiisdom ID: Then fill in your email and new password to ...

  • Team Management page

    Our Wiiisdom support platform offers lots of capabilities regarding our solutions: downloads, documentation, knowledge base, support, etc. Having the right people accessing it in your organization is important for using our products. That’s why you ...

  • Upload sizable files for transmission to the support team

    When a support agent requests a log or other sizable files that cannot be accommodated as a ticket answer or email attachment, please follow these instructions: Go to My Uploads: Drop or browse the file: Click upload: Click on the message above the ...