SemanticLayerAgent service stops immediatly after upgrading BusinnessObjects SupportPackage


After upgrading BusinessObjects from SupportPackage x to SupportPackageX+1 when you start 360SemanticLayerAgent Service it immediately stops.
If you open stdout.log file in the semantic-layer-agent/logs folder you find 
  1. Error occurred during initialization of VM
  2. java/lang/NoClassDefFoundError: java/lang/Object


The issue was observed with those upgrade schemas:

  1. From BI 4.2 SP6 to BI4.2 SP8
  2. From BI 4.2 SP6 to BI4.2 SP9
  3. From BI 4.2 SP8 to BI4.2 SP9



The default architecture of sapjvm has changed and 32bits architecture is not completely deployed on your installation


  1. Ensure you have at least 360WebPlatform 2022.2 version
  2. Go to your 360WebPlatform installation directory
  3. Double Click on 360SLA Configuration shortcut
  4. Go to "startup" tab and in the parameters field enter --use64bits
  5. You can then restart the service

Last updated almost 2 years ago