Invalid License File


When trying to run a test in Wiiisdom Ops, the following error message comes up in the console.

Error message:

Invalid license file. nil
Exit code: 1



This error is usually caused by moving your Wiiisdom Ops software package to another computer.


A Wiiisdom Ops license is tied to the computer where the trial license was generated or where the license key was activated and can't be moved. 

Please also make sure that your Wiiisdom Ops for Tableau bundle package is unzipped properly, if you don't uzip the bundle you download from our website, that can also cause issues with licenising.

Please restart the Wiiisdom Ops Designer for Tableau application, and if the issue persists after restarting, please send us an e-mail to and a colleague will be able to reset your license.

Last updated over 2 years ago