Administration Console - Password Reset (Linux/*nix)


Impossible to log in to the 360Suite Administration Console (360Suite deployed on a Linux/*nix machine).



The password may have been lost or the basic configuration is corrupted.


1. Open a terminal (command line).
2. If applicable, switch accounts to gain write access over the 360Suite configuration files (e.g.: root):
$ su <user_name>

3. Access the following location:
/etc/.java/ or <java_home>/jre/
(where SP_code corresponds to the SAP BusinessObjects version and service pack number. e.g.: 415 = BI 4.1 SP5 or 424 = BI 4.2 SP4) 
$ cd /etc/.java/.systemPrefs/com/gbs/360/preferences/specific/<SP_code>/

4. Edit prefs.xml (e.g.: using nano, vim, etc.) and remove the following line:
<entry key="admin.console.password" value="password_hash"/>

5. Save the changes.
6. Access the 360Suite Administration Console and define a custom password again (default password: 360). Please check the 360Suite Installation Guide for details.

Last updated over 2 years ago