Task list pages lead to 404 error when using another tomcat than the bundled one


  • When browsing 360WebPlatform clicking on task list leads to tomcat 404 error page

  • When you look at the URL, it ends by a final /(exemple : http://{your host}/360.suite/views/plus/backup-task/)

  • When you complete the url with list.xhtml (exemple : http://{your host}/360.suite/views/plus/backup-task/list.xhtml) the list is properly displayed.


  • Product : 360Suite Web Platform

  • Tomcat used is not the tomcat we bundled with Windows Installer. (e.g you are on linux or you are using SAP BusinessObjects tomcat)

Cause (if applicable)

The automatic redirection to root is activated


  • open {tomcat directory}/conf/context.xml
  • search for mapperContextRootRedirectEnabled attribute

  • Switch it to "false".

Last updated about 2 years ago