Error message : DB006 : Could not acquire changelog lock when saving the database configuration


Error message "DB006 : Could not acquire changelog lock" received when saving the database configuration in the Web Platform Administration Console


  • 360 Web Platform
  • Postgre SQL
  • Windows
  • Linux


When the application is upgraded, or when the database configuration is updated, the Web Platform needs to ensure that the database schema architecture meets the needs of the application.
For that, the Web Platform application uses an external library called Liquibase. To avoid running different updates at the same time, this tool creates a lock for itself on the database, then processes the update.
For some reason (maybe a network issue, even a slight one) if this lock is not released when the schema update is finished, the DB006 error message will be generated.


It is possible to unlock the Web Platform database by using the following SQL request on the Web Platform schema.
Warning : you must ensure that this schema is not used by another Web Platform application.
DELETE FROM databasechangeloglock
After this request, you will have to reconnect the database to the Web Platform by saving the database configuration in the Administration Console.


database changelog change log lock locked schema


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  • 360 Web Platform


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