Probe Service - "System cannot find the path specified" error prevents service from starting


  • When launching the 360Probe service Installer.bat, some line shows the message : System cannot find the path specified.


  • Product : 360Live

  • Environment :

    • OS : Windows

  • 360Probe is deployed

Reproducing the issue (if applicable)

There is two ways to reproduce this issue, the first one goes like this :

- Copy the probe folder in a desired location.
- Right click on the 360Probe Service Installer.bat and click on Run as Administrator
- The prompt will show some System cannot find the path specified errors

The second way is:
- Copy the probe folder in a desired location (e.g. C:\Probe).
- Open the command line prompt from the search bar (or by using windows+r and typing cmd)
- In the command line then run "C:\Probe\360Probe Service Installer.bat"
- Execute the installer from this command line. 

Cause (if applicable)

This issue is caused by the way Windows keeps track of the current directory.

When we double click on the 360Probe service Installer.bat the installer will be executed in the folder it is located.
But if we click on Run as Administrator the current directory will be C:\Windows\Sytem32 and some command won't work with this directory.
If we open it from the windows search, the issue will be the same 


  • To resolve this issue, you should just double click on the 360Probe Service Installer.bat instead of running it as Administrator

Last updated over 2 years ago