Recommendations for Running 360Eyes jobs


Jobs can be run on a one-shot basis (i.e. for testing) or a scheduled tasks (i.e. best for production).

As jobs are Business Objects objects, they can be easily scheduled using the Business Objects platform.

If the -replaceMode=ADD flag is added, the previous extraction (same job and same CMS) will not be replaced; a snapshot will be added.
This allows retaining previously extracted system information.

Here are some best practices for running 360Eyes jobs.


  • 360Eyes
  • SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1
  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.0
  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.1
  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.2
  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.3


1. Scheduling recurring 360Eyes jobs in the CMC.

The frequency will depend on the 360Eyes data you are using, and how frequently your environment changes. 

A commonly recommended schedule is as follows:

360eyes_CMS job:
- Daily (i.e. nightly) run with flag -replaceMode=REPLACE.
By default, the loading mode of 360eyes_CMS job is always processed in FULL mode (i.e. flag -
- Monthly run with flag -replaceMode=ADD.
This allows adding 1 more snapshot every month to analyze the system evolution with a 1-month granularity.
The latest snapshot always corresponds to the "previous day".
This provides data that is recent enough for in-depth analysis of latest actual systems.

360eyes_CRYSTAL, 360eyes_WEBI, 360eyes_IA, 360eyes_LOCAL, 360eyes_UNIVERSE jobs:
- Daily or weekly run with flags -loadingMode=DELTA and -replaceMode=REPLACE 
For instance, it might not be useful to retain 1-year-old snapshots of Webi documents. 
Every month, run the snapshot with flag -loadingMode=FULL, in order to keep the delta fast.

360eyes_COMPLIANCE job:
- Only when Business Objects licensing compliance analysis needs to be performed.

360eyes_REMOVE_SNAPSHOT job:
- Only when deleting snapshots from the 360Eyes database is required.

360eyes_CLEANUP job:
- Only when the DELTA_CLEANUP job has been used, in order to remove deleted snapshot objects.
Note: Use -loadingMode=DELTA_CLEANUP in combination with the CLEANUP job in order to handle deleted content

2. Suggested running modes in command line.

Below are suggested running mode and loading mode for specific schedules.
These can be set in the 360eyes.param configuration file, or passed as an argument in the GUI or the CMC.

Here is an example for the GUI. The flag -replaceMode=REPLACE goes in the 'Additional parameters' section :

Here is an example for the CMC. The flag -replaceMode=REPLACE is in 'Arguments' section:


For Weekly / Daily runs:
Use -replaceMode=REPLACE
Use -loadingMode=FULL for the first run, then use -loadingMode=DELTA for subsequent runs

For Monthly runs:
Use -replaceMode=ADD
Use -loadingMode=FULL


1) In 360eyes, snapshot generation is incremental, but all snapshots contain all data.
The delta mode is faster than the full mode, because it copies the last previous valid snapshot, and then runs deltas (i.e. changes) made to the Business Objects system since the last snapshot.

2) Suggested parameters for the 360eyes.param configuration file, which are different from the defaults provided:

- snapshot.limit = ON
- snapshot.count.max = 12


- extractObjectUsage = ON – to provide usage information of elements in BOBJ documents. Uses Audit data. Increases extraction time.

- extractDocumentContent = ON – to provide an inventory of elements (cells, blocks, etc) in BOBJ documents. Increases extraction time.


- ia.content = <ADD the documents formats you use; i.e. Dashboards and Visualizations from XCELSIUS, LUMIRA, DESIGN STUDIO, etc.>

- parseDataProviderSQL = ON – to extract SQL from data providers. Increases extraction time.

- audit.restore.level = <set to your configuration, found in the CMC, example below would be DEFAULT>

See also

The list of parameters is available here (Support Portal account is required) 


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