How to migrate 360Cast Tasks from 360 Legacy to 360 Web Platform


How to migrate 360Cast tasks from 360 Legacy to 360 Web Platform


  • 360Suite Web Platform (version 2021.1 +)
  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.1
  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.2


  1. Ensure you have installed or upgraded to 360Suite Web Platform version 2021.1 or higher.
  2. Log into 360Suite Legacy.
  3. Navigate to the Schedule tab and select Schedule Reports on the right.
  4. Select the Pending and External tasks you want to export by checking the box to the far right of the task(s). Only Pending and External tasks are taken into account during the import. 

  5. You can select one or multiple tasks.

  6. Click the Export icon on the right (under Shortcuts). This will export a .zip file of you task(s).

  1. You will be asked whether you want to export you distination lists, select Yes or No.

  2. Log into 360 Web Platform Admin Console: http://<server_name/IP>:<port>/360.suite/admin

  3. Go to the Cast Configuration tab, where you will see the Import Legacy Tasks section. If you do not see the Cast Configuration tab, the 360Cast license key has not been applied. 

  4. In the dropdown “action on existing tasks and destination lists, select the appropriate option; Overwrite, Dupliate or Ignore.

  5. Select Upload a file, select the .zip file exported from 360 Legacy. 

  6. Click Import

  7. Import progress will show success and failures when complete. This may take some time, depending on the number of tasks you are importing. A log of the import will be available. 

  8. For SQL Destination lists 

    • Ensure the appropriate database jdbc file is copied to this directory:

      • <Tomcat>/webapps/360.suite/lib

    • Restart Tomcat

  1. 360Suite User Guide available on the Support Site.


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Product or Product version
  • 360Suite Web Platform 2021.1+


  • English US
  • English UK

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