Does Apache Tomcat belong to Product Support scope?


Does Apache Tomcat belong to Product Support scope?


360Suite Web Platform any version
Tomcat 7 and above 


Apache Tomcat, a free open-source third-party Web application server, is bundled with GB&Smith products (360Suite Web Platform) for convenience of use, but is not considered part of the GB&Smith's products support scope.
Using the Apache Tomcat bundled with 360Suite Web Platform, you agree to follow the terms and conditions as provided by Apache. These terms and conditions are included in the 360Suite Web Platform licensing agreement which accompanies the GB&Smith offering at the time of download.

Because this software is bundled with our GB&Smith offerings, GB&Smith tests to ensure compatibility between Apache Tomcat and 360Suite Web Platform.
Therefore, GB&Smith product support will diagnose customer problems and provide best effort support using our knowledge of how GB&Smith offerings work with Apache Tomcat.

The following scenarios do not fall under the scope of technical support:
  1. Sizing of Web Application Servers and performance tuning
  2. Certification of security configuration of Web Application Server
  3. Configuration of Load Balancers
  4. Configuration of Tomcat Cluster
For a general review of what constitutes technical support, please review the Scope of Support document.

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