Webi document used in a destination list in 360Cast is not updated


After creating a destination list in 360Cast based on Webi document, you edit the Webi document to add or remove columns. You notice that the modifications made to the Webi document are not reflected when you create a 360Cast task.


  • 360Suite Legacy
  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.1
  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.2

Reproducing the issue

  1. In 360Cast, create a destination list based on a Webi document.
  2. Create a new Assisted Task and after selecting the Report destination list, for each dynamic mapping element, you can see the available columns from the Webi document.
  3. In BI launchpad, edit the Webi document used as a destination list and add a new column.
  4. Back in 360Cast, modify or create an Assisted Task. 
  5. Notice that for each dynamic mapping element, the column added to the Webi document is not displayed.


This is caused because the Webi document is cached in the Web Application Container Server (WACS).

360Cast refreshes the Webi document in order to display its available columns. 


  1. Go to CMC > Servers.
  2. Select the Web Application Container Server (WACS) - beware of which node is utilized by 360Cast.
  3. Restart the WACS.

Webi, document, not refreshed, stale, outdated


Product or Product version

  • 360Cast


  • English US
  • English UK
  • French

Last updated about 4 years ago