360Plus Legacy Quick Start Guide


This quick start guide will help you find the main 360Plus features and start using them. Once you find the feature you are looking for, if you have questions about how it works, please read its full documentation in the user guide.
If you are running product evaluation, the table below will help you take notes on your feedback.

Main Features List

Comparison to existing BOBJ capabilities
Configure backup repository
Not present in BOBJ.
How to configure the 360Plus backup repository to store all the BOBJ objects' backup versions.

Backup + selective restore of any objects 
Partially present in BOBJ.
Today, it's impossible to recover accidentally lost personal documents. If a user deletes their personal documents by mistake, it is almost impossible to recover, or it can take 2 days (also valid for users, security, instances, universes, corporate documents, etc). We saw a few cases where Admins had to tell users that there was no way to retrieve their lost (or corrupted) documents. Backup is incremental and runs in delta mode.

Disaster and Recovery
Not present in BOBJ.
If a disaster strikes, it's impossible to setup a new platform and to be up and running in 2 hours. You might try to recover the while environment from previous backups (i.e. full backup of the server or of a VM), but changes made since the backup will be lost.

Version management
Partially present in BOBJ.
In addition to selective restore, it's possible to recover previous versions of objects modified by mistake.

Environment comparison
Not present in BOBJ.
Log on to multiple environments and compare them.
Useful to compare settings, folders and their contents, universes, connections, documents, and security.

Promotion management
Enhanced compared to BOBJ.
Much simpler promotion process that BOBJ promotion tool (LCM). 
Can schedule weekly promotions.
Can schedule delta-based content promotions.
Can schedule promotions of flagged content.

Drag and Drop promotion between environments 
Not present in BOBJ.
Promote content between environments with a simple drag and drop.

Configure backup repository

Before using the product, you need to configure its backup server. Go to Preferences page and run the 360Plus backup server wizard at the bottom:

Fill in both configuration fields with the same 360plus folder on the server:

Allow root backup to allow selecting the object kind containers (and all their content):

Fill in SMTP configuration if you need notifications:

You can skip this step to finish the configuration.

Backup and Selective restore of any object


Go to the Schedule tab > Schedule Backups.
Create a Backup task.

Select the objects you want to backup by checking every root folder for a full backup of the object kind.
Select the Frequency.
Run the task (incremental backup)


Following a content (Users, documents, universes, connections) or container (Folders, Universe folders, groups) backup, you can restore them in 360plus even when those elements have been deleted. This can be done from each tab (Users, Objects, Universes, etc.) thanks to the recycle bin.

Disaster and recovery

Go to Schedule tab > Schedule Jobs.
Schedule a new job  and select Restore Backups as job type.
Configure it with the start and end dates between which the version will be restore.
Add the job and run it.
It will restore all version of object as they were between the start and end dates.

Version Management

Rollback and restore

After a backup, you can also restore elements selectively at any moment from the 360plus interface for any type of content by right clicking content name itself. This brings a context menu up, listing previous versions for the selected element.

Environment comparison

From the Home tab, it is possible to log in to multiple environments at the same time. It is recommended to pick to a different color when logging in to a second CMS for convenience:

It is possible to perform content and security comparisons between BO users within the same environment or between BO environments. To do so, select from the Compare CMS dropdown list the main CMS to use as comparison reference, then select the other CMS to be compared against the reference from the Compare with dropdown list.
After having selected the two CMS, specify what should be compared from the Compare list. You can define the comparison hierarchy and the elements to compare and how they should be compared (different/same ID, CUID, NAME).

Promotion Management

Go to Schedule tab > Schedule Promotion.
Create a task.

Drag & Drop promotion between environments

Once logged in multiple environments you can manage them from the same screen. From the content tabs (Users, Objects and Universes tabs) you can drag and drop containers (groups folders, universe folders) between environments (drag and drop the object icon):

A full container

A specific object


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