360View Legacy Quick Start Guide


This quick start guide will help you find the main 360View features and start using them. Once you find the feature you are looking for, if you have questions about how it works, please read its full documentation in the user guide..
If you are running product evaluation, the table below will help you take notes on your feedback.

Main Features List

Comparison to existing BOBJ capabilities
Excel documentation of content (i.e. users, documents, universes, security, etc)
Not present in BOBJ.
Export all content documentation to Excel.

Bulk update content 
Not present in BOBJ.
After selecting several objects (i.e. users, documents, universes, security, etc), bulk update their properties.

Set up security matrices
Not present in BOBJ.
Display matrices crossing different levels of groups and folders, universes, connections, etc in order to audit and update their security. Select several rights to update in bulk.

Document security
Not present in BOBJ.
Document security rights in matrices with inheritance or full explicit rights on user or objects.

Identify unused content and bulk clean
Not present in BOBJ.
Identify empty folders and groups, never connected users, bulk clean inboxes, archive instances, etc.

Schedule Excel documentation
Not present in BOBJ.
Schedule all content kinds Excel documentation.

Schedule bulk update jobs
Not present in BOBJ.
Schedule bulk update jobs for different kinds of content.

Excel document of content

Go to Users, Objects, Categories, Universes, Connections or Server tabs. 
Export Excel documentations for these different kinds of content with bottom right Excel buttons:

Bulk update content

Go to Users tab.
Select several groups.
Click bulk update to change one of the user properties for all users belonging to the selected groups:

Run the same with the button just next to it on the right to bulk manage user memberships.
Carry out the same process for all content tabs - available bulk update features depend on the content type.

Bulk update from Excel

Go to Users tab.
Go to Import users page:

Export the users from a group or everyone group to document all:

Update the excel spreadsheet and import them back:

Set up security in matrices

Go to the Security tab.
Select Folder type to open the matrix page.
Click the eyes icon to display groups and folders:

Select groups and folders (right click to select children or all descendants):

Display the security rights:

Click an intersection to edit:

Enable multiple-select to bulk edit a number of intersections:

Save the matrix to a security zone:

Document security

Go to Security tab.
Click the security matrix Excel export, select all right, select the security zone and click export.

Click the Explicit Right Excel export:

Go to User centric view, select a group and then a user in it.
Click Folders to list all folders they can access:

Double-click the right origin for the inherited folders:

Identify unused content and bulk clean

Have the look at the list of available features and use the ones that are useful for you: identify empty folders and groups, never connected users, bulk clean inboxes, clean sessions, instances, etc.

Schedule the Excel documentation task.

Go to Schedule tab > Schedule exports.
Schedule a new Export task.

Select the list of documentations to export:

Select the frequency and destination:

Click on Schedule.

Schedule bulk update jobs

Go to Schedule tab > Schedule Jobs.
Schedule a new job. 

Select the bulk update job you want, configure it and add it to the list:

Select the Frequ​ency:

Click on Sc​hedule.


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