360Cast Quick Start Guide


This quick start guide will help you find the main 360Cast features and start using them. Once you find the feature you are looking for, if you have questions about how it works, please read its full documentation in the user guide..
If you are running product evaluation, the table below will help you take notes on your feedback.

Main Features List

Comparison to existing BOBJ capabilities
Configure SMTP server
Not applicable.
Configure SMTP serve to send email.

Set up a destination list
Not present in BOBJ.
Create a destination list to share recipients and filters.

Configure a publication
Not present in BOBJ.
Configure the publication parameters.

Run a publication
Not present in BOBJ.
Schedule or trigger the run of the publication.

Configure SMTP server

Go to Preferences page and at the bottom to 360 SMTP configuration:

Fill in the SMTP configuration (you can use the details defined in the BOBJ Adaptive Job Server):

Set up a destination list

Go to Schedule > Schedule Report.
Go to Destination Lists:

Create a destination list of the type that match your requirements (flat file, DB, etc.):

Populate it with the 3 mandatory items - Destinations (i.e. recipients), Types (i.e. of the Destination), Formats (i.e. Delivery format) and any prompts or filters to use for bursting:

Upload it:

Click Add to create the destination list.

Configure a publication

Go to Schedule > Schedule Report.
Create a new Assisted Task:

Select the reports to distribute:

Select the Frequency or External trigger:

Select the destination list:

Populate (i.e. map) the prompts and filters with the destination list columns:

Populate (i.e. map) emails and sending options with the destination list columns:

Schedule the Assisted task.

Run a publication

If publication is scheduled with the options "Frequency", or "Calendar", it will run on its own. If it has an external trigger, then run the trigger:

You can open and view the logs while the task is running.

After the task has run, you can check the distributed reports in the destination(s).


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