How to correctly enable an Administrator key in 360Suite Web Platform


How to correctly enable an Administrator key in 360Suite Web Platform


  • 360Suite Web Platform
  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.1
  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.2


  1. Log into the Administrator Console.
  2. Navigate to the License tab.
  3. In the Keys block, paste the license key provided.
  4. Navigate to Administrators block. This is where the BOBJ user accounts can be mapped as 360Suite administrators up to the limit allowed by the license key for each product.

  5. In the Name field, enter a valid user name.
  6. Select the product the user will administer. Use the toggle buttons to highlight them.
  7. Click on Add.

See also

  1. 360Suite Installation Guide available on the Support Site.


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