How to manually launch the Tomcat Configuration


It is necessary to modify the Java options or user that runs Tomcat and you cannot find the Tomcat Configuration


  • 360Suite Web Platform
  • 360Suite

Reproducing the issue

  1. Connect to the server where 360Suite Tomcat is installed.
  2. Locate the Tomcat Configuration.


Tomcat Configuration is not installed with the Tomcat delivered with 360Suite.


Follow these steps to manually launch the Tomcat Configuration. 

1.     Get the service name for your Tomcat running 360Suite

·      From Windows Services, right click on your Tomcat service and select Properties

·      You will see the Service Name

2.     Open a command window (might have to run as administrator)

3.     Cd to the /bin directory under tomcat, i.e. <tomcat>\apache-tomcat-9.0.16\bin

4.     Enter this at prompt: (replace <service name> with your service name)

      Tomcat 9

       tomcat9w //ES//<service name>

      Tomcat 8

      tomcat8w //ES//<service name> 

       This is the format for the example above:

                        tomcat9w //ES//”Tomcat 9 for 360Suite”

      The Tomcat Configuration will appear:


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