How to update the 360Suite Legacy application

  1. Log in to 360 and make a backup of existing settings from the Preferences page (preferences icon in the top right corner).
  2. Disable the automated start of the scheduling services, save your Preferences.
  3. Stop the Tomcat server.
  4. Rename the <Tomcat>\webapps\360 folder to <Tomcat>\webapps\360old (or any other equivalent name).
  5. Delete the <Tomcat>\work\Catalina\localhost\360 folder.
  6. Log in to the 360Suite support website and download the latest version of the 360Suite Legacy application.
  7. Extract the content of the downloaded archive and run setup.exe to install the new version.
  8. Restart the Tomcat server.
  9. Log in to 360, open the Preferences page and restore the previously backed up settings, then click on the Import button to restore tasks (point 1).
  10. If any scheduled tasks exist, start the 360 servers from the Schedule tab.

Last updated almost 5 years ago